L’oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel Paste Review


L’oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel Paste Review


Hi Girls,


I have curly hair which was always pretty frizzy..After a lot of research and using diff products, my hair has calmed down a bit bit there are always those tiny random strands which refuse to stay down and poke up making me look as if I’ve been electrocuted! 😉


Also, I usually comb back the middle section of my hair back with a hair comb and always noticed some shorter strands wriggling upwards which looks seriously funny ….so after a lot of research I found this gel paste on Healthkart and decided to give it a whirl.


L'oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel-Paste + loreal studio hair products



About L’oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel Paste




Your Style, Your Studio


Studio Line has defined a generation of hairstyles. “”Stu…Stu…Stu…Studio Line””, the product range designed like a tool box which allows everyone to become their very own stylist.




Sculpting, modelling, designing and structuring your hair has become an everyday art form across the world. From Paris to Tokyo, New York to Sydney, Studio Line has introduced the world to many looks from more refined to the more extreme.




Strong, invisible, supple hold with no stiffness, for a natural-looking style.


The innovative texture holds like a gel, and leaves a style and natural feel like a paste.


Studio Line Mineral Control Modelling Gel Paste is L’oreal’s 1st liquid gel-paste enriched with minerals. Its power? Holds your messed up style with a natural feel.






  • Work a small amount of gel-paste evenly between the palms of your hands.
  • For a natural look, spread evenly throughout your hair and create movement with your hands.
  • For a more dynamic style, sculpt using your fingers.
  • For more defined ends, use your fingers to work each chunk of hair.



L'oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel-Paste + loreal hair products


  • Quantity: 150ml
  • Price:INR 450


My experience with L’oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel Paste


  • Packaging –This gel paste comes in a white tub with a lawn green colored lid. I wish this was in a tube form because its very unhygienic to use the fingers to scoop it out everytime and using a spatula is ok, but irritating all the same.


L'oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel-Paste + loreal hair


  • Color –This paste is clear white in color.
  • Texture – It has a very thick but soft kind of a texture…like a souffle. It isn’t greasy or anything and spreads quite easily.
  • Fragrance – It has a mild chemical fragrance which is a bit annoying but fades away after a couple of minutes.
  • Usage –After combing my hair and using my hair comb to push back the required section of hair, I scoop out a tiny bit (a tiny dollop the size of a green pea) and spread it over the wayward strands in the direction I want them to stay. Incase I want to braid my hair, I apply a slightly larger quantity over the braid to tame them as well.

L'oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel-Paste Review+ l'oreal studio line


Does it work?


Definitely! This has helped a lot in making my hair behave. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone for a party or a wedding with my ‘shocked’ hair. I wish I’d found this earlier…or atleast during my wedding! I still have a pic during my reception where my tiny strands are standing up like the rays of the sun! 😉


The major plus point about this in my opinion is that it is non greasy and even after using this, it doesn’t look like I’ve applied anything. It lends a healthy shine to the hair without looking oily or tacky. This also stays for a long time. I have had this on my hair for about 12-13hrs at a stretch and not even 1 strand wriggles out of its place 🙂 Cool na?

L'oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel-Paste + loreal studio line gel


Pros of L’oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel Paste:

  • Its alcohol free! So it won’t dry out your hair on usage.
  • Doesn’t harden the section of hair where applied like a lot of other hair products.
  • Easily available
  • The effects last for 12hrs easily.
  • Doesn’t make the scalp greasy
  • Easy to apply.
  • One needs just a tiny amount to make this work
  • Quite pocket friendly considering how long this is going to last


Cons of L’oreal Studio Mineral Control Modelling Gel Paste:

  • The tub packaging is extremely unhygienic.
  • I’m not very fond of the fragrance.
  • It would be nice if L’oreal could release this in smaller quantity for lesser price which would make it easier for people to gather the confidence to buy and use this.



  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Packaging: 3/5
  • Staying Power: 5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 4/5


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  1. nice reviw,luks nice..tubs s def unhygnic. . Yucks,.me hates. 2 tame those frzz n frys,betr invst in hair rebondng..instd usng load n loads of chemi evry tym. .it wl lead 2 buildup nly:-( loreal dosnt wrks 4 me. Gud it wrkd 4 u ! 🙂

    • thanx khushboo..

      hair rebonding ill never go in for! ive seen my pals suffer so much hair loss with that… i luv using his coz i us just a tiny t to tame the starys..u dont ned much….so not really to much chemicals.. 🙂

  2. god evening everyone and a merry christmas to you all! Z even i have the problem of the small small hair going astray.. apparently that is due to dry frizzy hair 🙁

    • seriously!! i wud hav luved to hav straight hair….i luv my mane when i straighten them..i keep swishing my head from side to side and can feel the strands flitting about so nicely..not like my current curls which r so unruly i can only feel them bobbing around in the air! no swishing at all! 🙁

    • haha! Vishu!! beautiful hair???? Oh I wish!! my hair is one of the saddest ever….i hav to do so much to make it controllable atleast…

      and i dont use much of this also…i wud use just a pea sized amt or even lesser….otherwise i run the risk of getting my scalp all greasy…

    • well, if ur hair isnt too frizzy then the usage will be very very limited….apart from taming starys u can use it if u like hair styling…For example if u like making those thin braids and then looping above ur head n all then its nice coz the braid will stay still and running a bit of the paste over it will avoid tiny hairs from escaping n all…

  3. naaa…i dont see it making much difference to the volume…but then again, my hair is pretty wavy as it is and i feel it has too much volume so i may not actually be able to gauge properly if this does make a diff to volume….


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