Loreal Trio Active Cleansing Milk Review


L’oreal Trio Active Cleansing Milk 

Hello Wise She Beauties!!

How are you all doing???wish you all a great year ahead girls…like many of you I too made a new year resolution(hope it lasts more than 2 weeks!!) to take good care of my skin. In this process I started buying new skin care  products so as to create a perfect skin care routine. That is how I came across this product from loreal..and ya as I don’t live in India presently, I bought this bottle in Ukraine and  so is the alien language on the bottle which is by the way Russian(I already started humming the darling song from bummer saath khoon maaf) :p

LOREAL PARIS TRIO ACTIVE CLEANSING MILK reviews+L'oreal makeup cleanser reviews

What the product claims:

Daily usage of loreal trio active cleansing milk will deep cleanse the skin and helps in removing the makeup. This removes dirt residue and makeup from both the face and eyes and its balancing formula keeps  your skin balanced all day long.To get more effective results follow our 3 step routine of 1.trio active cleanser 2.trio active toner 3. Trio active day and night creams.


Aqua/water, ethylhexyl palmitate,  parafinnum liquidum/mineral oil, glycerine, pentelyne glycol, tea carbomer, disodium cocoamphiodiacetate, tocopherol acetate, and so on

  • Quantity:  200 ml, for normal skin type
  • Price:  4.99 $

L'oreal milk cleanser reviews+L'oreal milk cleanser reviews+L'oreal product reviews

My take on L’oreal Trio Active Cleansing Milk 

Loreal trio active cleansing milk comes in a semi-transparent plastic bottle with a sturdy flip-flop attached lid. This packages allows us to clearly see the quantity through the bottle from outside and I also liked the lid. This cleansing milk is a white, liquidy and its consistency is similar to a body lotion.This has a mild fragrance that gives me a clean feel.

A two  peanuts  quantity of product is sufficient to remove all the makeup on face. It glides on a skin very smoothly thus cleansing thoroughly. It removes all my makeup in a single application. But the mascara needs one more swap for that clean lashes. It perfectly removes kajal, eyeshadows, lippies, blush everything. After washing the face with water my skin feels very soft and smooth. And it also does not sting my eyes like my Himalaya cleanser.


 What I like about L’oreal Trio Active Cleansing Milk :-

  • Removes all my makeup even the last traces
  • Thoroughly cleanses the skin and in that regard it does its job pretty well
  • Does not sting my eyes
  • Decently priced
  • It leave my skin soft,supple and smooth
  • Lots of product for the price we pay.
  • Very mild refreshing fragrance
  • Nice sturdy packaging that would never break.


  • Does not remove mascara in the first sweep.

Overall verdict:4/5   (-1 because it did not do any magic on my face..greedy ya!!I know)

 I m in total love with this product. I think it’s a good value for money with its decent price and quantity. It does its job of cleansing very well and removes all the traces of my makeup.It

Leaves my skin soft,smooth and supple. Whatelse do we need???

Will I buy it again: Of course till I find something cheaper and better.

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  1. this sounds like an wonder product :-)) I hope its available in India soon.Would love to try this out. 🙂

    Good morning every one. :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: my saasu ma n sasur ji coming today O:-) O:-) O:-) so i’ll hv some fun before getting too busy wid them 😛

          • yup!!! Ana. Thts y m a bit stressed out. 😐 Dont know much about their time table n everyday ka schedule :silly: I guess it woud be fine in 2-3 days bt pehle din ka darr toh rehta hi hai 😛

            • Dont worry at all..ur MIL will lead and u just follow…i luv it when my sasuma comes…i just do acchse se cleaning…the pre work gives me more tension…i am never worried bout after they come…my MIL takes charge and i get to bthe li’l helper 🙂 i never hav a prob with anythin other than getting up early…especially on weekends 🙂

              • Han true. I hope it is actually as easy as you both sound. 🙂 Now m a relaxed thodasa. He he.U Know Zee hubby n me both were busy cleaning the house since last 3 days. 😛 Abhi toh ghar ekdum chamak raha hai. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

                • haha…i swear! thats the first thing we do too…but my hubs habit is to just stuff things below the sofa or in an empty cupboard…according to him, as long as its outta sight its fine 🙂


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