L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation Review & some updates


Loreal True Match Super Blendable Perfecting Foundation Review

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Now you can see a new wise she lay out here.Actually there is much more than just another lay out.We moved to wordpress and now I have to start learning each and everything from zero.There are may things which I have to do  again and special thanks to Rashmi who supported me in blogger to wordpress migration journey.

Also,  about the give away, Sorry results should have been out long back but because of packing and traveling I just didn’t get the time to do it.Result of the give away will be announced tomorrow

Lets start with my first review after moving to word press which is of Loreal True Match Super Blendable foundation .I got this some six months ago and it took me almost one hour in choosing my shade .I have bought many foundations till date and thankfully almost 90% of the time I manage to get the right shade for myself  but this time  I was wrong.

Loreal liquid foundation is available in following colours

N7/Tan Amber, C5 /Rose Sand, W5 /Golden sand/Honey sand, W7 Golden Amber, N5 Sand, W3 Golden beige, C3 Rose beige, N4 Beige, W8 Golden cappuccino, C2 Rose Vanilla

Price of L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Perfecting foundation is Rs 770 for 30ml

Loreal True Match foundation

What the product claims -In true-to-skin shades across warm, cool and neutral tones, True Match liquid foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its micro-fine, creamy texture. The result: natural looking, skin-true colour, outstanding coverage with no caking.(From Website)

Loreal True Match super blendable foundation
Foundation Nozzle

*It is easy to handle the foundation because of its nozzle.Not much of the product gets wasted and one can use it while traveling.Nozzle is covered with a transparent cap and in terms of hygiene it is perfect 🙂

Loreal True Match perfecting foundation review
Foundation has medium consistency which makes it lasts for long.

My experience with the product :-

I was always in doubt whether the foundation will suit me or not but after spending an hour on L’oreal counter and some  SA convincing made me buy  N4 beige shade.

First time when I used it it came out pretty fine but slowly I realized that it is giving me chalky white ghost face.

I infact used it on my legs  where my skin is fairer and went in a party. I was shocked to see the party pics because   my legs were looking really chalky.This is for sure that this foundation doesn’t photographs well and gives horrible  chalky look .

My doubt was confirmed when one of my friend too got the same foundation and she faced the same.Some how it is very difficult to get the right shade in this foundation.

It blends nicely and gives matte look.One needs pea size of foundation and 30ml lasts for long but one has to be really lucky to get the right shade.

Below are few claims which are made by L’oreal and I have written my experience against each one of them

1. Matches the colour and texture of your skin – No , It doesn’t most of the time.

2. Ultra-fine pigments  to perfectly match your skin tone – No, these pigments never worked for me.

3. Super-blendable, perfect coverage, without caking – One needs to put in little bit of effort to blend the foundation but it is not super blendable.It gives good coverage but it cakes too.

4. A beautiful, flawless looking complexion – I never found my skin looking flawless after using it even if I ignore the un matching shade or chalky look.

5. Dermatologically tested – I believe this because it never broke me out.

Few Pros which I must admit – It doesn’t make my skin oily or too dry and it lasts for 5-6 hours easily.

Will I recommend it to others – Do your research thoroughly before going for this one. Even if you  get  the right  shade it  will never photograph well.

Wise She Rating – 2/5

P.S- There are lot many comments to be replied.Will be reply them all by this weekend:)



  1. Hye Anu, u r back with a bang!!!
    me like tumhari rah dekhing since looong…
    well thanks,u saved my money, u know i keep on experimenting different foundations to find perfect match4my skin tone and i’m not gona consider L’oreal true match..

  2. hey ana is this the same true match that used to come in a bottle? I want to repurchase but after this review Im scared that this is a totally different product because that one without a pump suited me very well! 🙁

  3. Yes..this foundation does not work in my face..I bought 2different shades..by mistake rose vannila first..n later w5..but w5is darker shade for me..its very very difficult to find the right shade..its chalky…in photographs I m looking ashy..low coverage..little bit pigmentation in my face..but cant covered wth this.xpensive too.


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