Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence Serum Review


Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence

Hi to all the beautiful followers of wiseshe. Today I am going to review a product from one of the best beauty brands available in India. Any guesses? Mmmm it is L’Oreal. Everybody once in a lifetime face the problem of acne and the mental trauma of the marks it leaves :-(.


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L’Oreal has always helped people to make them more beautiful not only with their cosmetic products but also with the skin care products. In this range they launched LOREAL WHITE PERFECT LASER ESSENCE. Product was promoted by the beautiful sonam kapoor. I was tempted to buy it as I was also struggling hard to have a beautiful mark free skin.

About L’oreal White Perfect Laser Essence:-


The product claims to reduce the spots in 8 weeks because of its active ingredient ellagic acid, but only with regular use. Apart from this, it acts by blocking the melanin production and prevents the recurrence of dark spots, makes your skin more radiant and the pores are less visible.Laser essence compares the results as obtained from ipl (intense pulsed light) session against the regular use of its essence and day cream.

  • Packaging:The essence itself is pale white in color, comes in a pretty blue bottle with a pump. You can easily take the required amount on to your hands and apply it on a clean face. Fragrance is good and won’t irritate your nose. The product merges well into the skin without giving you a heavy feeling. One bottle of 30ml lasts for a minimum of 25 days.
  • Price – INR 1299.It’s available on discount on Purplle.com


Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence Review Package+professional skin care


My experience with Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence :

Though available at a hefty price of 1299INR, it works wonders on your skin. I am not saying that you would turn into a princess overnight but yes with regular use you can see the results and notice the difference. Another major benefit of the product is that it does not cause any pimple on application, so do not get apprehensive for this reason.


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I would say to follow one simple principle while using this product: please gurlies if you are buying it and want to see the result, do apply it regularly. Do not skip a single day. You would soon get the compliments from your family and friends.


What I like about Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence :-


  • Texture of the product is good
  • You need not apply any moisturizer as it keeps your skin hydrated
  • Reduces the dark spots to an extent that the results  are visible

What I don’t like about Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence :-


  • It is a bit costly
  • Quantity is just 30ml, so the bottle soon gets used up

I guess my review is enough to say that I would definitely buy it again and recommend its use to others. 🙂

Have you tried Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence ?



    • thanks navneet..i know it very difficult to find a product which suits our skin :(, even mi skin doesn’t allow me try different things but i trust L’Oreal. all its products are on my second round. 🙂

    • yaaa susmita,,i was so pleased with the results that i bought a second bottle which is now almost on the verge of finishing. thank you by the way 🙂

  1. sounds great and price is not a problem as long as it works 🙂 But I somehow don’t feel like getting anything from loreal’s skin care since my friend has had a very bad reaction to their pearl perfect range 🙁

    • awwww thats sad pragnya..:(, but this one worked for me in a good way. Hope it works for you too. by the way which product did you use before?

  2. hi
    my skin has lot of pimple scars & pores.also my skin itches i am using aloevera every nite .my question is does loreal perfect laser essence vanish pimple scars and pores

    thank you


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