L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Experience


 Reader asks ,

I would like to know whether you have reveiwed this product “Youth Code- Luminize” by L’OReal.
I am 28 years, have some pigmentation marks on my face. I have a combination skin, with occasional pimples showing their face from time to time. I also have open pores in the area beside my nose.
I read about this product of L’OReal and thought it might be good for the pigmentation marks, ( it talks about containing Vit C, which is supposedly good for depigmentation) hence wanted your honest opinion. I am getting married in about two months time, need quick solutions for the problem.
Also, if you could give me some solutions for open pores, I’d be really thankful.

L'oreal Youth Code Luminize Experience

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  1. Hmm…i’ll be waiting for the answers too :-). Always thought l’oreal made products only for those above 35 or so but this one seems different


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