L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum Review


L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum Review

Some of you may remember my reviews on the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair range last year. I am a huge fan of them but stopped using them the minute I came to know I’d conceived. Reason? Well, many people had told me that high levels of retinol in products during pregnancy could be harmful. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how much truth there is to this but I didn’t want to take any risks so I switched to milder anti-ageing products from L’Oreal. I picked up the serum and the day cream from this range and today will be reviewing the former.

L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum review+ loreal youth code serum

About L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum

Price: INR1499 for 30mlL’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum review+ loreal

Packaging: This comes in a pump bottle packaging so its very easy to use and hygienic. It has a turn lock system which eliminates the use of a lid.

My experience with L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum

I have mixed feelings about this. Does it work? Yes..I did feel my skin brightened and a bit of tightening after using this as well. When I read the word Luminize I imagined it would have some tiny shimmer particles like the Pond’s Gold Radiance anti ageing cream but this is not the case..thank God for that! I hated the Ponds cream to the core because of that.

L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum review


The serum is a pearly white color with a thin, runny consistency. I need about 2pumps to cover my face and neck area. But yea, it does take some time to get absorbed into the skin. More than the usual 1minute infact..Which is why I don’t follow up with the day cream as instructed. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t heavy nor does it make my skin sweat..but I feel like waiting for this to get absorbed, then repeating the process with the day cream and then following with makeup is waaay too time consuming (yes, I’m lazy like that). So I use this in the morning after washing my face, use the day cream in the afternoon and again back to the serum at night. This gives a mildly dewy look to the skin which I quite like.


L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum review+ loreal skincare

I had totally stopped using creams when I got pregnant…It was only in my 5th month that I could stand the smells and decided to get back to it. Those 5months saw my skin get super dry and dull due to a difficult pregnancy. But this product helped my skin get back on track to a huge extent. My skin got back alot of its former glow and till date, my skin feels very moisturized after using this. This would suit all skin types…from dry to super oily. I should also mention that this helped banish the chronic redness on my skin. I had developed some spots on my skin as well which disappeared after about 2mts of usage.

L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum review+ loreal youth code

I am 27yrs and started using anti-ageing products since I turned 25yrs and so have used quite a few brands. Of all the ones I’ve tried, I’d rate this one 2nd…after Neutrogena. This is a lovely range of products and had it launched before, I’d have probably tried it first but I genuinely like Neutrogena more…just for 1 reason…it works faster. This appeals to the impatient girl in me. Where Neutrogena made me see visible changes in 3weeks, this product took about 2months for me to be able to see the difference. But yes, this has lesser retinol concentration and would be best for those just starting out using such products.L’oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum review+ loreal review

Rating: 4.5/5 (the minus .5 is only in comparison to the faster results I got from Neutrogena)

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    • M talking bout the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair range…I have linked the night cream link in d beginning…

      How’s Olay? Ur using the new one or d old one?

  1. Zee, i wud always prefer to use BB cream while going to work. I dont like using foundi daily to work.
    When should i use this , at night instead of night cream ?

    • Taru n serums r usually worn beneath bb creams or foundi..not instead….n all serums r preferrably used along with the corresponding night cream..first the serum then the cream 🙂

      • 😀 , okies 🙂
        My skin behaves a lil oily when i wake up. If i use night cream, den i look like an oil pan in the morning. So i just use lacto calamine at night.
        I used Loreal pearl perfect day cream for an year. Dont know if they have changed the formula, it behaves like a complete dud, useless product 🙁
        so m thinking to use a BB cream cuz Bangalore is humid n day creams cause me oiliness after 3-4 hours

  2. Zee, Ana, Shweta and all the experts 🙂 – At what age should one start using anti ageing products ? What are some of the products for beginners ?

  3. hi zee and ana…. i live in bangalore and have combination to oily skin…i turned 25 this year so was thinking of starting an anti ageing regime.. any suggestions… products i could start with..serums and day cream mainly… so confusing… too many products to choose from.. please help 😀
    i do have post acne scars
    btw looove this blog.. absolutely fantastic 😀

  4. Hi..well, if u have oily skin I wouldn’t recco Ponds..I’d rather recco the loreal youth code range a nly since it’s mild enough to start with…unless ur allergic to loreal as a brand to bein with..loreal also has a revitalift range which I haven’t used but have heard decent reviews on…u can try that as well..

    • Okay Zee, a warning here. One of my friend suffered eyesight issues after using Olay age defying and under eye creams. They seem to be pretty strong. I am never going to take any chances with them !

  5. thank you 😀 i am currently using derma recommended atogla and kojic cream during the night..
    so i am basically looking for something during the day time… any suggestions?
    what about the lakme new range (youth finity or something)?

  6. I am a bit skeptical about the anti ageing creams Zee..though have not tried much..tried couple from Olay but Olay does not work for me..it makes my skin dull and darken’s it! 🙁 This looks so promising and after seeing your recent pics i am tempted to try it! you looks absolutely stunning!

    • Pata hai pari ive noticed that if i use just d xream, it never workeda fr me..whereas d serum if used alone makes alotta dofference..olay dint do much fr me..it dint mk my akin dull…but dint brighten it either..was more f a moisturizer on me…butalot f my pals hv liked it so m guessin it varies..apna skin needs needs somethin else i guess 😉


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