L’ornell Crack Look Professional Nail Polish & NOTD


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Today I am reviewing most interesting product I bought recently from my favorite cosmetic shop nearby my house… Yes! crack look nail polish 🙂


L'oreal crack look professional nail polish reviews+How to apply cracking nail polish


Crackle or shatter nail polishes are a new type of nail polish that splits and cracks as it dries to reveal the nail polish color underneath. Crackle nail polishes work the way a traditional nail polish isn’t supposed to. A traditional nail polish is supposed to dry slowly and uniformly across the nail in a smooth, even application. Crackle nail polishes have added a special solvent called ethanol alcohol that allows the polish to dry quickly and unevenly..


  • Price: INR 415
  • Quantity: 15 ml each contain 3 nail paints
  • Self Life: 2 years from date of manufacture


L'oreal crack look nail polish reviews2 blue+blue shatter crack nail polish


It contain three nail paints base coat, crack color, top protection coat..


crack nail polish 3+L.A. Girl USA Cosmetics - CRACKED Nail Polish



a. Base Coat: apply the white base on fresh clean nail and allow to dry partly.

b. Crackle Color: simply paint crackle color evenly and let it dry the amazing random crackle will appear on the nail J

c. Top Protection Coat: apply top coat after the crackle color coat gets dry.

L'oreal crack look nail polish NOTD+Cracked nail polish



  1. Full list of ingredients is shown
  2. I think it is reasonably priced.
  3. Nice sturdy paint bottles.



  1. No price is mentioned.
  2. Availability may be a problem.
  3. Limited color options.

Rate: - 4.7/5


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  1. Okay, much like a 50 yr old I will first say I dont like the crackle fad.

    But I think the effect here is cool. Its more like turtle shell/fish scale like than the usual crackle.
    Am I making any sense here!!!!!


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