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It’s feel great to get back bit of my curves and I have been shopping like crazy. It’s like I dropped by on a site and end up buying each of everything . Be it bags, dresses or footwear I feel like buying it all. This is what happened when  I landed on ‘Done by None’.

I gained 15kgs during my pregnancy and I am a PCOD patient so my hormones keep on dancing and my weight refuses to budge. After going through the C section I thought this is it. Now this weight is going to be with me throughout my life. Thing is with diligence and determination anything is possible. With in an year I have lost 14 kgs of weight and now I am determined to lose more. I feel if I lose 7-8 kgs more I will feel much lighter and better and ofcourse fitter.

Coming to the dresses, 4-5 months back I completely stopped shopping thinking that I will buy stuff when I reach my ideal weight but now I am out of this phase. It’s ok to have curves  . Everyone can not be perfect but there should be constant desire to improve.

 I got this dress from Done by None and with that got the tote  bag and the flats too .It turned out to be the right combination which I was looking for this summer.

accesories done by none reviews floral dress team up

I had not planned this post .It’s just that one of my bestie’s younger brother  likes to click and I asked him to click a few pics of mine. I liked the clicks and the editing and I thought why not post it online .

done by none floral dress

This post is dedicated to all the mommies who give preference to their baby, family, profession and house hold work .Don’t hesitate to get back into your previous self. Love yourself and accept your body ..Live life to the fullest and enjoy being what you are 🙂

done by none dresses blogger

I have a long day ahead. With bank work and then saloon sitting and planning out tomorrow surprise for you people.

How about you ? How is your day coming up ?

P.S – Girls! please stay away from Done by None  clothing …All the clothing material is of bad quality and their clothes  dye bleeds horribly.

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  1. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: i am speechless..u r luking gorgeous ana :heart: loved tht dress n ur hair :inlove: hotness redefined :rose:

  2. Wowww! An lotd after ages! D lastctime i saw u fully was whn u sent me ur preggy pics..hihi…n d diff is vidible babes…ur hardwork has paid off…u luk waayyy healthier now…mera number kab ayega?

    • Lolz..u keep sending me yur pics but I some how never did as far as I remember. My phone anyway doesnt take gud pics like yurs.

  3. omg luk at ur cheeks luv them thy r kind of chubby i luvvvvv chubby ones me being the same too i luv my curves n my chubby cheeks ana u luking gorgeoussss :whistle :whistle 😎 😎 😎

  4. Truly speechless Ana.
    Same here, seeing you fully with an Awesome outfit .
    You are looking too beautiful and sexy.
    You have a great sense of style

  5. A full-blown EOTD after soooo long! Love the summery dress n ur rose ring is cute :cute: My favorite is the last pic…what a pose! :beauty:

    • thanks Chandni..there will be more like these coming up ..this will motivate me more to work on my fitness 🙂

  6. woww..u look stunning…….

    love this sentence..

    Live life to the fullest and enjoy being what you are ….i strongly agree :yes: :yes: :yes:

  7. u look gr8, no one can guess tht ur married, and mommy too..its just wow, 😯 , i love dresses, but i cant wear, :-(( i dnt look neither fat nor thin, my weight is exact with my age and height, my weight dnt increase or decrease, iam happy with that, but my hip size is big, not bumps actually, bcz of tht i cant wear dresses, sme times i feel depressed :-((

    • i got the shoes from done by none..i have given the link above and bangles..don remember..been long..got it from some FB store only.

    • Thanks Nisita..I haven’t accessorized much..Now that you guys motivated me i shall do that next time properly 🙂

  8. You look great. :yes: I like your hair, they look longer. You look perfect weight wise, how tall are you btw? Do more of these posts, they’re fun. :rock-n-roll: 😎

    • Oh no! I seriously need to lose lot of weight..:) and now u start sending your outfit post too..it will keep me motivated 🙂

  9. You are looking really nice ana:) so nice and summery :! I love florals and that ring is so pretty too!

    14-15 kgs lost wow ! Please help me too , how do I lose weight :(:(:(

    And I told you about the makeover I did na for that reason only , I was waiting for ages that I will loose weight and then start dressing properly,etc , but then I decided exactly what you said “love yourself and accept your body” and I’m really happy I did:)

  10. Hey…..U look lovely. ..But coming to done by none. ..I hv had a bad experience. ..bought a shirt. ..it looked lovely online…way too expensive. …bt wen I got it…I was soo disappointed. ..Very cheap quality fabric. ..I hv bought better shirt for 200 bucks from Sarojini nagar. ..never buying anything again. ..


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