Lotus Color Dew Nail Paint Vs Maybelline Coloroma Nail Paint


By Prerana,

Like most of the girls, I’m too a big fan of Maybelline Coloroma nail paints. But after using Lotus Color Dew nail paints, I was confused and was thinking which one to stock more ? I love Maybelline coloroma due to its vast color range and Lotus Color dew due to its Toulene and DBP free property. So I thought to do a comparison between the two and decide accordingly.

Lotus Nail Paint Swatches

Coloroma : Glacial (shimmery coral)       Color Dew : Pure Plum (plumy pink)


Maybelline Coloroma Lotus Color Dew


Price Rs 85/- for 8ml                                                             Rs 99/- for 8ml

Packaging Comes in oval shape, cubical glass bottle.          Comes in a long, sleek, cylindrical shape glass bottle

Applicator Handle is short but the applicator brush                  The handle is longer than Maybelline

is thicker and longer than Lotus.                                                        but the applicator brush is thinner and slightly shorter

Lotus Nail Paint VS Maybelline Nail Paint Swatches

Smell Maybelline color dew has strong smell when compared to lotus.

Consistency Maybelline has thin consistency and 2 coats are more than enough to show off the colours leaving beside few pastel or nude shades. When we talk about lotus in consistency  one  coat is sufficient for color to show off but few matte shades are there which require three shade coating as well.



Lotus Nail Paint swatches

Ingredients – Maybelline colorma ingredients are not listed on the pack where Lotus one claims to be Toluene and DBP(Dibutyl Phthalate free)

Staying Power – Both Maybelline colorma and Lotus stays for 3-4 days easily but can chip off if applied in layers.

Shine Stay – I found most of the colorma nail paints having golden shine in them which makes the nail color look more vibrant .Interesting

thing is that the shine stays as it is till the last day where as Lotus nail paint is shiny but colours are mostly matte.Sheen from the

nail apint goes off with in a day .One will like colorma more if the choice is of shimmer nail paint and color dew if choice if

preference is of matte colours.


Final verdict

Maybelline Coloroma scored in shine&shimmer wise, price wise and of course availability of number of shades wise.

Lotus Color Dew scores in the fact that it is free from Toluene and DBP which makes it safe health wise (even for pregnant ladies) and long handle makes application easy even for a clumsy hand.


Have you tried both Lotus Color Dew Nail Paint And Maybelline Colorma Nail Paint? How was your  experience like?

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  1. Hi Prerana, another good comparison post, keep these coming :-))
    I have several colorama nail paints & only 1 from lotus, but that’s only because of availability issues. I agree with most of your reivew. Just 1 thing, the maybelline nail polishes mention all ingredients. It’s on the label on the back of the bottle, but it is in very small lettering, so very difficult to read. Will need magnifying glass for sure. But just wanted to say that they do mention the ingredients.

  2. ohh Poohkie i was about to say this that maybelline does mention their ingredient but i have never been able to read them 😛

  3. as always good comparison post from you 😀
    i have both and love Lotus 🙂 …..
    but then again m so new in this so i think my vote goes for both 😀 😀

    thanks again prerna 😀

  4. Prerana is hear with the review that we were fighting over :smug: But why did she do a better job than me :smug: :smug:
    Me too loves both of them 😀 Lotus is also slowly coming out with more colors and they are super pretty 😀 I am going to stock up both of them 😛

    • I so agree with you Bhumika about Maybelline. I got two bottles of black and they simply peel off. Good in a way because I don’t have to even use a remover. 😛 I’m planning to pick up the manicure white from the nail range

  5. i hv got a lotus nailpaint n vl let u knw after using it n ya a really good cmpaison.thank u so much n do keep writing ds kind of stuff. :-))

  6. Heya.. I have tried both the nail paints and my vote is for Lotus.. For some reason, I don’t like colorama, i feel the nail paint doesn’t chip, but PEELS away.. I had bought 3 colors from Lotus and I am quite impressed!! Though application is quite difficult with the brush, I just love the glossy finish..


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