Lotus Detan Face Pack Review


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Lotus Herbals De-tan After sun face pack Review

  • Product claims – An exclusive formulation to help remove skin tan and other forms of sun damage, DeTan contains active herbal extracts of liquorice, dandelion and carrot to provide a radiant healthy glow to the skin.
  • Directions for use – Wash face and apply all over face & neck. Relax till completely dry. Rinse with fresh water. Use twice a week or more depending upon sun exposure.
  • Active ingredients – Liquorice, dandelion & carrot extracts.
  • Price Rs.185 for 100g

Last summer I had a very bad tan and the SA at the counter suggested that I try out their anti-tan scrub and face pack along with the anti-tan sunscreen.

Lotus Herbals De-tan After sun face pack Review

I used this product religiously every week along with the anti-tan scrub. The pack was definitely effective in removing tan though the process may take some time if you have a very bad tan. Immediate results shown were a li’l brightened face (almost all packs do that 😛 ) and soft skin.

Lotus Detan Pack Review

Neither did it sting my skin the way Biotique fruit pack does nor did it make my skin crave for moisture immediately on removal. I am not saying that one can skip moisturiser, but just that it doesn’t give the stretchy feeling that some packs do. But then I have an oily-combination skin in summers. And it didn’t break me out either.

It has a very thick consistency and I tried applying it on dry face wasting a lot of the product in the process. Then I started applying it on wet face. This way, I needed a lot lesser and it was easy to spread all over my face.

Lotus Herbals De-tan After sun face pack Review

Though this may be good enough, I found herbal remedies give better results. This, IMO, is just one of those good (good, and not best) face packs in the market which I may use if I am too lazy for herbal remedies or if I am travelling.

I like this better than the Biotique face pack because this one doesn’t sting my face like the Biotique one. Result wise, both are much comparable.

Wiseshe rating 3.5/5

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  1. Maha reviewed lotus detan face pack, Anamika reviewed lakme detan face pack…
    someone plz do the Vs wala post (i.e. comparision kar do 😛 )so that it becomes easy for mango people like me 😛

    • Bulbul, I have not tried using it other than my face since it might get emptied in 1 or 2 uses. And as I said, I prefer home remedies nowadays and applying curd or yogurt definitely helps in removing tan. 🙂

  2. hey maha..can oily people use curd or yogurt on their faces …wont it lead to breakouts..???have u ever done that..?

  3. i went to goa for a trip and got tanned …. (horrible tan) …. Please suggest me which facial kit to use … Plz Plz Plz help.. urgent 🙁


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