Lotus Ecostay Super Finish Mousse Review


Lotus Ecostay Super Finish Mousse

Hello pretty ladies!

I am back today with another review of a product which might be on your to buy list. Even if not, you may want to read this review and decide to buy it or not .

The Brand, Lotus Herbals recently came up with new “LOTUS ECOSTAY SUPER FINISH MOUSSE with SPF20″. They had sent it to me to try this mousse in BRIGHT ANGEL M2 shade. Fortunately enough , this shade is matching my skin tone as per its initial impression on my hand. I always look forward for mousse foundation as its work out much better on skin tone and helps in reducing the appearance of open pores. Mousse are best to be used in summers which is a havoc time for makeup lovers where we feel like an oil well. Liquid foundation feels so heavy when compared to mousse foundations.

lotus ecostay super finish mousse

About Lotus Ecostay Super Finish Mousse

lotus ecostay super finish mousse price

I really like one thing about the Lotus products though; that each and  every product of them is SPF included which means we are safe in the sun wherever and whenever.

Packaging: Coming to the packaging of this product, it is very appealing in its first look. The luxurious pink carton looks stylish and the crystal bottle of the mousse is definitely something worth the pink outer packaging. The color can be seen and matched from outside transparent bottle which means a smart packaging indeed. One need not wait for the bottle to be opened to match the color. You can buy it as per your skin tone and it would be the right decision given your skin tone. Companies do spend a lot on packaging and marketing! Phew!

Shade: Bright Angel M2..I am not aware how many shades its available in..I will update when I see that on their website or when I visit the lotus counter.

lotus ecostay super finish mousse review

Price: The retail price of the product is INR 675 for a 15 grams bottle which seems okay to me but would be my favorite if the product appeals to me finally after a decent usage.

My Experience with Lotus Ecostay Super Finish Mousse

The only thing I did not like about the packaging was that the list of the ingredients is missing. It only mentions jojoba extracts being used as active ingredients which frankly do not look appealing to me on the bottle. Although I like lotus products because they are 100% vegetarian and natural but do not know why they didn’t mention all the ingredients on the carton.

lotus ecostay super finish mousse swatch

Texture: Product is creamy and goes pretty smooth on this skin and this particular shade looks as if I have nothing on my face. It’s almost like my skin shade. I am NC42 for your reference. It’s pretty light weight and helps in reducing pores appearance which is a must for me.

lotus ecostay super finish mousse spf20

It doesn’t take time in blending out this foundation and it stays for around 5-6 hours. If I compare it to Lakme absolute then it will be difficult to decide which one is better, only thing which is little disappointing is the quantity of the product I wish it could have been little more than what has come in.

Fragrance: Mousse has this typical fragrance which I am not able to identify.I can smell it when I apply it afterwards its not there.

What I like about Lotus Ecostay Super Finish Mousse?

  • Light weight foundation
  • Affordable
  • Hides pores
  • Gives natural looking every day wear coverage
  • Easily available
  • Will suit oily and combination in summers as well. If someone has real oily skin then putting up a compact will help after applying the foundation. Its almost 46 degree here and I do feel sweaty with every foundation which I have applied in this month.

If there is anything else which you have in mind then let me know in the comment section ..



Product sent by Lotus but my review is completely honest..

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  1. I was using Lakme absolute mousse before but when I switched to Lotus one I was happy as it also suited me and now a days I m using Lotus ecostay super finish mousse.


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