Lotus Herbal Pure Colors Carnation 640 Review & Swatches


Lotus Cosmetics – Lotus Herbal Pure Colors Carnation 640 

I woke up this morning all dull and grey. I hate working on weekends ,don’t you ? To lighten the mood i thought i’ll put on some pretty lipstick shades and that s where the new Lotus herbal pure colors Carnation came into action. It s the first day i’m wearing it so i’m a little hesitant and skeptic about how it would look on me. But when I reached my work place , I got so many compliments and my collegues wanted to know which brand and what shade it was(Big grin *). I ’m so glad I chose a boring Saturday to wear this lippy . It made my weekend even better. And this color has been added to my list of favourites 🙂  Now I’m guessing, you all wanna know about this new shade too…

By the way I got it from stylecraze.com at  10% discount  :dance-left-right:

Lotus herbal pure colors Carnation 640 reviews +Lotus coral colour lipstick carnation

Carnation is a beautiful peach shade with slight coral tint , comes in a feminine packing of beige and gold petals painted on the cover. It’s a shade that will suit all skin tones so anyone of you can go grab one today and you won’t regret it. On me , it s purely peach (the coral tint doesn’t show up) . That s appealing to me because I think I own too many corals anyway :p

Lotus herbal pure colors Carnation 640+Lotus carnation lipstick 640 reviews

I wore it with black kurta and Patiala. The lipstick gave the right amount of freshness  to my face . It is moisturising but not so much that it bleeds (somewhere between matte and shine). It is enriched with jojoba oil and aloe vera. I’ve been wearing it for 6 hours and it’s still on my lips even after my lunch .

Swatches of Lotus Herbal Pure Colour Carnation 640 with flash & Without Flash

Lotus herbal pure colors Carnation 640 swatches+lotus lipsticks reviews

It fades evenly leaving behind a faint lovely peach tint. Despite the fact that I’ve retouched it with only lakme lip gloss , it still looks enchanting.

lotus pure colour carnation coral 640+Lotus herbal pure colour carnation 640

What I like about Lotus Herbal Pure Colors Carnation 640

  1. Lovely packaging
  2. Highly pigmented (one swipe gives peach color, more swipes gives deep peach shade)
  3. Shade will go with all skin tones
  4. Moisturising (yet doesn’t bleed)
  5. Mild fragrance (unlike my NYX ‘pumpkin pie’  i can’t stand its smell…ewwww!)
  6. Long lasting maximum 5-6 hours
  7. Fades evenly
  8. Layer it with transparent lipgloss and you’ll have a very pretty pink lip
  9. Affordable
  10. Easily available
Lotus herbal pure colors Carnation 640 reviews+Lotus herbals pure colour carnation

What I do not like about Lotus Herbal Pure Color Carnation 640 :-

  1. Gets transferred to cups while drinking . (but I can easily overlook that demerit if I’m getting such a lovely shade and c’mon I’m a female I don’t mind retouching my lipsticks every now and then :)!!)
  • Price – Rs.225/-You can buy from here
  • Weight – 2.4 gm
  • Ratings –  4/5

P.S. it’s a “must have” shade for every women. Whenever you’re confused what shade to wear this will always save your day J

(product was sent for PR. But that has in no way affected my opinion about my love for this shade)

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  1. lovely lips and beautiful color….i love anything peach and this shade is unique……will buy this today only…. :inlove: :inlove: :yippee: :yippee: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  2. Very pretty swatches..colour is so vibrant..looks like a must have..but thn not from stylecraze..i had my worst online shopping experience with them..my products reached me after 11 days plus one product was missing..when i complained they said they will send it soon and today is the 12th day..i am yet to receive it..i am never going to shop from stylecraze..urban touch is much much better..

  3. omg! I got this shade yesterday itself from UT’s… I was so gona review this 🙁

    But its ok now… I totally agree with phil…Its a MUST-HAVE shade.. it will suit everyone irrespective of skin tone.

    i am totally loving it! :lipstick: :inlove:

  4. Thankyou for the advice ana..I will try contacting chetna..even i had read all nice nice things about the website everywhere..but i am really very disappointed..

  5. Lovely shade!!! Such a perfect summer/spring color! Is this shade similar to Coral Pink from the Maybelline ColorSensational Moisture Extreme range?? Any idea?

  6. What a vibrant shade! Great pigmentation and looks wow on ur lips :inlove:
    Btw…the quantity is 4.2 gms n not 2.4 na? I wantd to mention this in ur previous post also 🙂

  7. Philll!!! i think ur gona make me try lotus lippies now…this shade is soo gorgeous…and on ur lips…simply Wow! i dont think any shade will luk bad on those gorgeous lips of urs,,


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