Lotus Herbal Safe Sun Active Tan Prevention Creme India Review


Lotus Herbal Safe Sun Active Tan Prevention Creme India

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Summers are here and the heat of the sun has already started to burn your skin. I am sure you are already not feeling like going out anywhere as the sun is at its soaring heat. But we cannot avoid it sometimes and it gets to your head immediately. Since you cannot sit inside your house the entire season, you have to be prepared to face the sun. There are lots of sunscreens available in the market to help us from the sun.

lotus herbal active tan prevention creme

I am sharing my review about one such sunscreen today. It is the LOTUS HERBALS SAFE SUN ACTIVE TAN PREVENTION CREME SPF 50. This is what I am using these days.

lotus herbal whitening active tan prevention creme review

Packaging: Let’s begin with the packaging. It comes in a sturdy white and orange tube packing with an orange flip-open cap. The cap is tight enough to be carried along in a purse or vanity bag. This is a good product to be carried to long distances without any damage. I personally like the orange and white combination of this packaging.It retails Rs200 for 50g.

Skin Darkening: Sunscreens are known to prevent your skin from darkening. I however tried the Nivea Moisturizing Sun Lotion SPF 50 but it darkened my complexion and I was obviously disappointed. This one has a whitening tint which also gives coverage to my skin whenever I am outside on a hot sunny day like these days.

lotus herbal active tan prevention creme ingredients

My Experience with Lotus Herbal Safe Sun Active Tan Prevention Creme India

The non-greasy formula of the creme is also quite appealing as it invites you to itself to apply it before you move out in 40 degrees and above temperature which is enough to burn you. The product is not at all patchy and you feel comfortable and happy which is the best part about this creme. It is also a good skin whitening creme which makes it even more worthy of possession by us. The aroma of the product is also very soothing and pleasant.

lotus herbal whitening active tan prevention creme price

If you read the back of the pack, it is mentioned therein that it would stay a put for 2-3 hours and needs to be reapplied after that. This is something which makes me trust this product even more because there is no boastful marketing rather a truthful fact which is easily believable.

Another thing to add is that this creme is SPF 50 which means it is best suited for North Indian summers. You cannot expect a product less than SPF 50 to help you prevent your skin especially this time when the temperature is hitting 46 degree. As I travel to Wise She office everyday this product is best for me for the being.

Final Thoughts

This creme also claims to work well on dark spots. So, I guess I am sorted for this summer season with this product with me all the time. I am also sure to keep purchasing it in future as well as I am pretty satisfied with this product, its ingredients are all suited on my skin, rather to any skin type. I would advise all people to try and form an opinion of their own.

lotus herbal active tan prevention creme swatch

This sunscreen has been able to capture a lot of market off late because of its genuine price to quantity ratio as well. I guess some of you might have tried it too. Do share your reviews.:)

Product sent by the brand but my review is honest .



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