Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++ Review


Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++ Review

By now, everyone who’s tuned into the blogging world must’ve heard about this new launch by Lotus Herbals. It has a lot of claims (10 to be precise) which I personally feel is a bit repetitive. For instance, anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing could have been clubbed together. Also high UVA& UVB prevention automatically means it prevents skin cancer; so am not sure if they ought to be listed separately. Anyways, never mind all that. In this review I will be comparing this with Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock since it is a cult favorite and one that many of us use. Hope it helps :lashes:. U can read the full review of Lotus Matte Look Sunblock here

Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70+best sunblock for face

About  Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++

A revolutionary, preservative-free, light-weight formulation containing potent herbal extracts with multiple benefits. The easy to blend texture gives non-sticky and clean feel.

The 10 benefits:

  • High UVA & UVB protection
  • Tan prevention
  • Prevention of brown spots and pigmentation
  • Skin lightening benefits
  • Anti-wrinkle benefits
  • Protection from freckles, sun spots & sun burn
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Health prevention- helps to prevent skin cancer
  • Carrot and avocado extracts: healing properties that soften, smoothen and nourish skin
  • Preservative- free safe formula

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Lotus Herbals Daily Multi- Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++ Ingredients:-

Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 ingredients+lotus sunscreen products

  • Price & Quantity: 495 INR for 60 gms(I’d like to mention here that the matte look sunblock retails for INR 295 for 100gms)
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date
  • Packaging:

Like the Lotus SPF 40 Matte Look Sunblock, this too comes in an orange flip-top tube. And again like the former, this too creates a mess around the nozzle and needs to be stored with the cap facing upwards. Lotus should seriously consider re-packaging both these in a bottle with a pump dispenser, especially the SPF 70 one since it is so highly priced. The cap shuts tight hence the product won’t spill and the tube is small enough to carry in your handbag.

Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70+best sunblock lotion+lotus skin care products

I frankly hated taking the pic above since I don’t like my photos or products looking messy, but I wanted to give u guys an idea of what I’m talking about.

Color and consistency:

The sunblock is a creamy beige color that resembles a foundation. Consistency is thankfully not as watery as the matte look sunblock. It is creamy, yet is not thick or goopy. It blends like a dream and is truly lightweight after application.

You can see in the pic that the SPF 40 swatch is so runny that it’s just flowing down my arm.

Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 swatch+lotus sunblock+lotus herbals price


I guess I’m one of the few who found the matte look one quite over-powering. I have a very sensitive nose and as much as I love the matte look sunblock, its fragrance made me very nauseous especially while travelling in a car :sick: In contrast, the SPF 70 smells lovely! It has a really mild citrus fragrance that’s very pleasant and it does not linger on the skin.

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My experience with Lotus Herbals Daily Multi- Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA+++

While using it for the 1st time, I took a coin-sized amount of product and applied it in dots all over my face. I didn’t use a moisturizer underneath since this is a product with multiple benefits and it obviously hydrates as well. I proceeded to blend it and looked into the mirror and got the shock of my life! Y’know those characters in a mime/street play? I looked like them! My face was W.H.I.T.E!!! :pain: I was contemplating whether to wash it off or not when to my immense relief I saw the cream slowly sinking in. Within a minute (and with some more blending) it had fully absorbed into my skin and my face looked nice and fresh. Phew!! It moisturizes well and is completely non-greasy. Skin feels soft to touch and doesn’t look chalky once it’s fully absorbed. My skin starts feeling oily after an hour or so but I wouldn’t really know if the sunblock is to blame because there are very few products on the surface of the earth that can keep my face shine-free in this sweltering heat.

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Since it is lightly tinted, it conceals minor imperfections and evens out my skintone. At first, I thought I was just imagining this. But my hubby used this and mentioned the same thing without me even asking him if it conceals flaws :yes: I have neither wrinkles nor a tan, so can’t quite comment on the skin-lightening and anti-wrinkle claims 😛 But I do have acne-prone skin and it did not give me any breakouts. I’d even dare say it moderately soothed my existing breakouts and improved the texture of my skin within a week.

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Below, the 1st pic shows my bare arm, the 2nd shows the sunblock lightly blended (you can see the white cast) and the 3rd shows my arm with the sunblock fully absorbed. Can u see the difference between the 1st pic and last pic? Doesn’t the skin look more even and fresh? (Pls tell me am not imaginig it :suspense:)

Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 hand swatch+best sunblock lotion+lotus sunscreen products

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What I like about Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-function Sunblock SPF 70:-

  • Lightweight, oil-free and non-greasy
  • Pleasant yet mild citrus fragrance
  • Leak-proof and travel-friendly packaging
  • Consistency is easy to work with
  • Those with combination to oily skin can skip a moisturizer underneath since it hydrates well
  • Makes skin appear fresh and radiant
  • Evens out skintone even though it is sheer and makes flaws seem less noticeable
  • Nourishes skin and improves skin texture with regular use
  • Did not give me breakouts and helped to soothe existing ones
  • High SPF content means longer sun-safe hours and effective tan prevention
  • Will suit those with dry skin and mature skin really well
  • Preservative free ( no parabens)
  • Easily available

What I don’t like about Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-function Sunblock SPF 70:

  • Mouth of the tube gets messy after a few uses. Could have come with a pump instead.
  • Gives a white cast the 1st few seconds and if not blended properly. Also, I don’t think this tint will suit all skintones.
  • Those with oily skin will need to keep dabbing compact or loose powder to control shine
  • Pricey. Quantity could have been more for this price.


  • Quality: 5/5
  • Fragrance: 5/5
  • Packaging: 3.8/5
  • Price: 3/5

Lotus Herbals is one of the best brands when it comes to sunscreens and this is yet another quality product from this brand.  Do give it a try especially if (like me) u like multi-tasking products :cute:.

 Have you tried Lotus Herbals Daily Multi Function Sunblock SPF 70PA +++?

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  1. I totally hated it after one use. It left a whitish cast on my skin and I did not like it at all. And washing it wasn’t easy. I had rub my face to remove it. I will definitely not recommend it to anyone!

    • ohh…that’s awful gautami :pain: I was hesitant to use it again too. But i realized it’s like a foundation…looks scary if not blended properly

  2. The SPF 70 claim scares me off, I used the previous version and it leaved whitish cast! Not a huge fan of Lotus sunscreens. But it does work for u Nafisa. U r not imagining things dear :), it does work!

  3. I love the spf 40 one.. i will surely try this atleast once.. sounds good to me! :-))

    thnx for the review..Nafi! I was actually waiting 4 sum1 to review over this! 😀 :yes: :-* :hug-makeup:

    • even me too luv SPF 40 wala it dsnt make my skin oily nor evn i look like a white bhootni type 😀 😀 😀
      it moisturize my skin well 🙂

  4. oh even i used its sample today… it left me looking like as if i had done that clown makeup (i’m scared of clowns) :pumpkin: 😕 :tremble:
    i don’t knw if i’d be getting this one or not.. i :heart: the matte one.. :rock-n-roll:

  5. dis seems very nice nafs..but me afraid of white cast..lemme c if i can get sum chotu sample 😀 very nice piccys dear :hug-makeup:

  6. nice review Nafisa…. i just received couple of samples of this product and yet to use it… good to know tat it works 🙂

  7. last year I had used spf 50 spray one but this year I felt horrible in Mangalore summer and came back completely burnt. It felt so sticky and yuck there. so i got my pack of spf40 matte one today.
    As far as sunscreens are concerned spf 30 is enough becoz no matter what the spf is u need to reapply every 1 or 2 hrs.

    • Yea that’s true Madhura…i’d pick this not for the high SPF but for its multiple benefits. Enjoy ur matte look sunblock…it’s perfect in this heat 🙂

    • Be aware of “hidden” UV rays as in Fluorescent lighting. If you work in an area with fluorescent lighting, then you should be wearing a sun screen even while working inside the building.

  8. You anyways will have to wash and reapply sunscreen after 5 hrs i prefer spf 40 atleast not being higher spfreminds me top reapply it 😛 🙂

  9. oh god.hey guys nd grls dnt pick ths spf 70.its time nd money waste product.i didnt blend easily to skin nd the white cast horible.we cnt get out by puting ths.or put bfr 3 or 4 hrs bfr u ready to went out.then also its dificlt.i lost my 495 rs fr ths dirty spf

  10. when I applied d SPF 70 i lookd jst lk d girl ghost frm d movie THE RING :sick: :sick:

    bt nw i brought d SPF 40 n its really good!
    :yippee: :cute:


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