Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick in Sensuous Mauve Review


By Zara,                  Lotus Herbals Cosmetics – Floral Glam Lipstick

Hi All,

I have a very long standing consumer relationship with Lotus. I’ve been using their sunscreens since 5yrs now and will probably continue to do so. They have really improved on their product line and packaging and from skincare to hair care now to cosmetics, Lotus seems to be on its way to excelling in all fields.

 Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick in Sensuous Mauve Review

I happened to come across these lipsticks about 2months earlier and simply had to buy it. For one thing, they have a very classy metallic twist up tube packaging which was the initial thing that peaked my interest. The shop had only about 7 colors and of them, I was pretty confused between O Orange, Apple Berry and Sensuous Mauve. But since I’d never tried a lipstick from Lotus before, I decided to buy just one to try it out. Now I  wish I’d bought all three!


I tried taking sharper pics of the lipstick, but the body of the lipstick is so shiny that my bechaara camera also couldn’t manage to take proper pics. Sorry for that!


Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick review

What Lotus Claims about FLORALGLAM Moisturizing lip colour


  • Enriched with Botanical extracts.
  • Hydrates and protects lips for hours
  • Glamorous packaging
  • More convenient bullet tip shape
  • Easy application
  • Shades for all
  • Number of shades available: 10 shades
  • Main Ingredient List:Symphytum  Officinale (Comfrey), Plantago  Ovata Seed, Sambucus  Nigra Seed
  • Price: 295 INR
  • Quantity: 4.2 gms

As I mentioned before, what attracted me to these lippies was the packaging. On closer perusal, I realised that these lipstick tubes don’t have the usual mechanism of popping the top lid prior to application. Instead it just has a gold plate on the top. On twisting the bottom of the tube, the same mechanism which unwinds the lipstick also flips the gold plate allowing the lipstick to emerge. The same thing applies while closing. So simple yet different! I was really impressed by this.


Sensuous Mauve lotus herbal lipstick

My experience with experience with Sensuous Mauve:

Apart from the packaging which I’ve harped about sufficiently by now 😉 , there are plenty other merits of this lippy. For starters, it glides very smoothly which is an important pre-requisite of a good lipstick. No tugging involved and the color spreads evenly on application. The pigmentation of all shades I tried out were great and Sensuous Mauve is no exception


herbal lipstick+herbal lipsticks

This lipstick is a lovely, warm toned matte Mauve-plum shade with a hint of shine which lends that most sought after moisturized look. It is a medium coverage lipstick which doesn’t dry out my lips. This is a quality I always look out for in lippies since I have too many fine lines on my lips which get highlighted if the lipstick I’m wearing has a drying effect. This is one reason I stay usually stay away from Matte lippies..I feel like I have ‘old-lady lips’ when they dry out 😉

With all these upsides, its no wonder this has become one of my most used lippies. Love it! Its the perfect shade and the perfect texture 🙂


Swatches of Lotus Floral Glam Lipstick in Sensuous Mauve


swatches of lotus herbal Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick in Sensuous Mauve

How the lipstick looks on my lips


Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick in Sensuous Mauve Review


What I liked about Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Lipstick

  • Very moisturizing and has a smooth texture
  • Very good coverage
  • Awesome pigmentation
  • Glides easily without tugging
  • Classy packaging. Anyone would feel proud to carry this around
  • The new wind-up mechanism is very interesting
  • Staying power is good and will stay put on the lips until I eat something..But even then, it leaves a nice hint of color.


What I do not like Lotus Herbals Floral Glam Shine Lipstick

  • Availability is an issue. The next time I went to buy the O-Orange shade, I was informed that the Lotus counter had been closed. And now I’m unable to find it anywhere.

Will I buy it again: I’d love to get O-Orange, but I have to find a Lotus counter first! 🙂

Have you tried this lipstick or any other shade in this range?



  1. Good morning Zara..i am not going to comment beautiful things here because i think u yourself know yur lips are looking gorgeous :cow: :cow: :cow:

  2. Hi MOKP, Thanks for the compli.. 😉 😉 Nopes, i haven;t tried any other lippy from this range..This was my first experimental lippy from Lotus..After using this, i wanted to get more, but the counter had been removed from the shop..So no Lotus for me until i find another outlet.. 🙁

    • Is it? I dunno, it hasn’t helped me with the lines….I usually use it whenever I get a lip allergy..It soothes my lips but doesn’t make a diff.. 🙁 🙁

    • MOKP that is an awesome tip..i am going to try this ..and will include it in wise she beauty boookkkk..me stealing yu tipppppp 😛

  3. I love the color a lot, but i too can never find lotus lippies anywhere…Mostly the lotus counters stock only skin care and stuff! Have never tried a lotus lippy!

  4. I so wish to find a lotus counter. I have one near my house which carries only three lip shades and 3 glosses. I have asked them countless times to carry more shades but falls on deaf ears.Same thing with Faces cosmetics, the counter is never opened. Anyways, If you stay in Bangalore , you can head over to the H&G in Garuda mall for a lotus counter. And do let me know if you know of anyother Lotus counters and faces cosmetics =). Try Revlons Misty rust,an awesome orange that suits most of us.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Maneesha..Will try try Misty rust for sure..what range is it from?

      M from Pune so here theres a big issue..I miss Blore…there was a respectable variety there everywhere.. 🙁

    • HI Maneehsa, same is the problem with me ..more over Lotus never writes any thing about the lippi ingredient and claim it as Lotus herbals .so i am always skeptical about the brand 🙁

  5. They are Revlon matte range. Ankita has done a review on it. I guess you hate matte but try this you will fall in love with this orange.

    • Well, staying power-wise i’d choose Lotus. Maybelline has an mazing range of colors and they luk fantastic on the lips too..but it doesnt stay for mong on my lips 🙁 🙁

    • Hi..Well, i’ve never used their lipgloss, so wudnt b able to comment on them, but this lippy doesn’t have a strong smell at all. Just a very mild cosmetic fragrance which fades off in a minute..

  6. Wow… what an pretty shade.. Me getting it, if by any chance I am gonna find lotus here ?:-) Zara, u have sexy lips 😉

  7. love the color 🙂 my mother has a moistpetal from lotus natural haze shade though it looks deep mauve but when its on her lips it looks lovely makes her look 5 years younger, seriously matte lipsticks can make you look older 😛 little sheen is must 😀

    • Yeps Shreya..this is the best matte lippy i’ve ever had..it has the right amount of moisture and doesnt dry my lips at any point..i love it!

      I wish i cud find a Lotus outlet..wud have gone and bought some moist petals too 🙂

  8. this is so nice shade…and O’orange must be very yummy :beauty: i can imagine…by the way zara, your u have such white set of teeth…kaun sa toothpaste do u use 😛 😛

    • Arre Prerana..O Orange luked fabulous..whenever i use this lippy i wonder why i dint pick it up aise hi…In the attempt to do wise shopping i missed out on a fab lippy 🙁 🙁

      honestly i dont think my teeth r this white…must be the photograph…or else A must have doctored my pic to change off-white to white 😉 😉 Colgate itna bhi asar nahi karta.. 😉

      • hahahahah i didnt do anything..dont bring me into this..Prerana i think Zara is not disclosing her secret…:|

        • I just did divulge! This lippy is the key! They r making my teeth look nice… Otherwise i have old lady lips 🙁 so many fine lines…sniff sniff….

          • my lips are acting so bad nowadays…:sad::sad: and all my lip balms have vanishes..why don i find my lp balms when i “Actually” need them :((

            • Same here..Thats y i have started storing wisely..I always have 3 in my purse in diff locations and I try to make sure i keep them back in that place only..At home also i have alotted 1 drawer (mini wala) only for LBs…so i know where to find them 🙂 🙂

  9. dear wiseshe readers, got a nivea pomengranate lipbalm today after reading all the raves this particular balm gets..tried it on and found it super..BTW are there H&G outlets in delhi? any particular store any reader can suggest which has multi brand cosmetics?

  10. zara…..its a nice shade…but pata hai wen i purchased this lipie in nude shade…..i forgot that u have to snap it and not twist the base like regulkar lippies…..and the whole lippie got smeared in the :reallyangry: lid and broke….

  11. Hey ma’am!
    I have sensuas mauve for almost 5 yearsnow. They got expired and am not able to use them again. Though I brought so many lipsticks but I never found something like this shade which suited my skin the best till date. It would be of great help if you let me know exactly same colour lipsticks. As lotus had stopped sensuas mauve long back ago.

    Thank You!


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