Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Raspberry Review


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Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Raspberry Review

  • What the company claims: The lip balm’s highly active moisturizing formula helps to repair dry, cracked and chapped lips and protects them from the drying effect of cold, dry winds of winter, making them look healthier and smoother.


  • Ingredients: Raspberry extract, Honey, Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Wheat germ oil.
  • Price:  INR 90 for 5 gms.
  • How to use: Apply evenly to lips as necessary. Use twice daily.
  • Packaging: Comes in a cute tiny tub with a screw-cap. Very sturdy packaging.

Lotus Herbals Lip Balm Review

I can’t live without my Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy in Cherry, which is my HG lip balm. This time, even though I was apprehensive about trying a lip balm with tub packaging, I decided to give this one a try. I have pretty pigmented lips, so tinted lip balms work wonders for me and that is one of the reasons I picked this up without a second thought.

Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Raspberry Swatches

The color is a beautiful sheer red and is lighter than how it looks in the tub. It does not have glossy finish, but gives a nice reddish sheen to my lips. The formula is so creamy and moisturizing and it surely makes my lips look healthier and smoother. Ever since I have started using Lotus Lipbalms, I haven’t had to worry about chapped lips. It keeps my lips hydrated throughout the day. I use the stick lip balm in college, but when I am at home where I can easily sanitize my hands, I use this tub. It isn’t much different from the cherry lipbalm except that the tint this gives is redder. For comparison, I have put a pic with both raspberry and cherry swatches.


What I like about Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Raspberry:

  • Very hydrating. Works wonders for chapped lips.
  • Gives a wash of pretty red color to the lips.
  • Cheap.
  • Not glossy, but gives a sheen to the lips.
  • The formula is thick, so a little goes a long way.



What I don’t like about Lotus Herbals Lip Balm in Raspberry:

  • Tub packaging.
  • Very unhygienic.

Will I repurchase it: Yes. As you can see, I couldn’t think of only these cons for this! 🙂
Will I recommend this: Yes!!




  1. I am gonna try this ASAP 😀 it will give lips lovely raspberry tint to lips isnt it ??
    and moreover my lips are behaving badly these days … :smug:

  2. neeni aying :ZZZ: aaj toh Ana ne reviews ka bhandaar lga dia 😀 :giggle: hd such fun reading all reviews :tap-dance: c ya kal gyus love u :-* Gunnie Godbless :yawn: :ZZZ: :makeup:


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