Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser (SPF 25) Fresh Ivory & Hazelnut Star


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Today I am going to review a tinted moisturizer which has been recently launched by Lotus herbals. Do check my review to know if this product is worth the price.


Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review+moisturizer with tint

What The Company Says?

Lotus Herbals Nutraglow daily tinted moisturiser is a light weight tinted moisturizer which contains a hint of skin perfecting color that helps in hiding any appearance of imperfections on your skin. Whether it is day or night, winter or summer, this innovative moisturizer can be applied as a base before applying make-up in the morning and also in the evening after removing make-up.

Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Details+tinted moisturizer reviews


About Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Moisturiser (SPF25) Fresh Ivory & Hazelnut Star

This tinted moisturizer gives you flawless polished skin that remains hydrated all day long. Lotus Herbals NUTRAGLOW Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25 is available in 3 shades:

>Bright Angel

>Fresh Ivory

> Hazelnut star



Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Use directions+best moisturizer



>Perfect moisturizer as per the skin tone.

>Blends easily to hide imperfections

>Day or night, winter or summer, this innovative moisturizer can be applied as a base before applying make-up in the morning and also in the evening after removing make-up.

>SPF-25 formula protects against the harmful UV rays.

>Enriched with powerful active ingredients that include extracts of Aloe Vera, calendula and hibiscus.

>Gives a flawless finish.



Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Fresh Ivory Ingredients+tinted moisturiser


Key Ingredients:

  • Calendula Extracts: It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which gives soft and supple skin.
  • Hibiscus: Natural emollient good for softening the skin. Hibiscus is also a wonderful antioxidant. It firms and lifts the skin naturally. Hibiscus contains a firming agent, which not only has a calming effect on skin, but also smoothes out the wrinkles, giving a person healthy and youthful glamorous skin.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel is great for moisturizing, treating Acne and pimples, fights common problems of skin ageing and lessen the visibility of rashes, marks, etc.

 Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Hazelnut StarIngredients+best tinted moisturizer


Price: Rs 475 for 50 ml

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser(SPF25) Fresh Ivory & Hazelnut Star:-

With every other brand launching BB creams now and then, how could our very own brand Lotus herbals stay behind. Lotus herbals has come out with a tinted moisturizer infused with aloe vera, calendula and hibiscus extracts. When I saw this product at flipkart, I thought to try this out as I prefer using tinted moisturizer on a day today basis than foundations. It’s a pretty decent product from Lotus herbals but I don’t think its price is well justified. I may not repurchase it again.

Shades: Three shades are available:

>Bright Angel

>Fresh Ivory

>Hazelnut Star

I picked up two shades Fresh Ivory and Hazelnut star as I felt one would be too light and another could be too dark for my skin tone. I mix both the shades to get the desired color for my skin tone. But now I feel both the shades match my skin tone, I really should not have bought both the shades. I could have saved the money and spent on something better.  :-p

Packaging: Lotus Nutra glow daily tinted moisturizer comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser kind packaging. I find the packaging to be quite bulky, not very travel friendly and prone to breakage. List of ingredients alongwith shades name and price is mentioned on the outer carton. The packaging and information given in the carton looks great and attractive.


Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Package Nozzle+best facial moisturizer


  • Texture: This tinted moisturizer is very lightweight and blends within seconds onto my skin. Its neither runny nor thick, it has got the right consistency which I prefer in BB creams and tinted moisturizers.


Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Swatches+tinted moisturizers


  • Coverage: This tinted moisturizer looks pigmented but on application I found it to be very sheer. However, its pretty buildable, with more quantity I got better coverage. It evened out my skin tone and reduced the appearance of dark circles to a great extent. It did not conceal freckles or stubborn acne marks.
  • Staying Power: It stayed whole day on my normal to dry skin, however My T zone started looking shiny after 4 hours of application. So I am not sure how this is going to behave on people with oily skin.


Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review 2 shades mixed swatch+tinted moisturizer review


  • Overall Effect: This tinted moisturizer has got faint fragrance of calendula flowers which I find quite pleasant. This tinted moisturizer feels light on skin and hydrates my skin quite well. It keeps my skin hydrated for the whole day. It evens out my skin tone imparting soft, smooth glowing skin. People with normal to dry skin will definitely love this product. It contains glycerine so I am not going to use this more during summers as moisturizers with glycerine attracts dirt and makes my skin look dull during summers. It keeps my skin bright looking but nothing unnaturally bright like other products in the market. I have been using it since 2 weeks and It has not yet broken me out.


Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Fresh Ivory Hand Swatch+lotus herbals


Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser Review Hazelnut star Hand swatch+tinted moisturizer


  • Availability & Price: Currently Its available at few of the online shopping sites, however I have not yet seen these at Lotus counters yet. It costs Rs 475 for 50 ml of the product which is not justified.


What I liked about Lotus Herbals Nutraglow daily tinted moisturizer:-


  • It contains calendula, aloe vera and hibiscus extracts.
  • It brightens my skin tone without giving a white cast.
  • It evens out my skin tone.
  • It keeps my skin well hydrated for whole day long.
  • My skin feels soft and smooth to touch after using it.
  • It formula is sheer to build able to some extent.
  • It’s a great pick for winters and people with normal to dry skin will love it.
  • Its finish is dewy, which I love a lot.
  • My skin looks healthy with regular use.
  • Three shades are available well suited for Indian skin tones.
  • It contains spf 25.


What I did not like about Lotus Herbals Nutraglow daily tinted moisturizer:-


  • This product is quite sheer, not a great pick for people with blemish prone skin.
  • It might look shiny on people with oily skin tone.
  • Packaging is quite bulky and prone to damage.
  • Its very pricy for an average tinted moisturizer.
  • Contains Parabens.
  • After travelling in the sun, this product feels heavy on my skin due to glycerine.


  • Coverage: 3 out of 5
  • Packaging: 3.75 out of 5
  • Price vs Quality: 3.5 out of 5
  • Availability: 3.75 out of 5
  • Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? I don’t think so. I can get better products at lesser price.

My Overall Recommendation: Lotus Herbals Nutraglow tinted moisturizer is an average moisturizer imparting sheer coverage. However, it imparts better coverage when used in more quantity. It contains spf 25, with several natural ingredients. It keeps my skin well hydrated, smooth and soft all day long. It imparts dewy finish, even complexion and its a great pick for winters. However, I felt it attracts dirt and makes my skin dull while travelling. It wont be very suitable for oily skin people. You can try this out once, but you seriously won’t be at a loss if you skip this out.

 Have you tried Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser?


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  1. Nice review Taps, but I am sure that I wont be trying this one.
    And u bought 2 together 😯 😯 , now u will have to wait for the day when these will get over :heh:

  2. Nice! I wanted a review of the hazelnut star you know. I think that would suit me. I am somewhere between fair to wheatish. TM and BB creams are so in these days na? Maybelline launched a stick form too. I havent tried that one. The BB cream version is nice, but I dont like the Garnier one. I have dry skin and despite that it makes my face oily 🙁 I wish I could buy the original Korean BB creams from somewhere! *dreams*

    • Hey Shruti, try Deborah BB Cream. Also Maybelline BB Cream will go with your skin type then. I have a very try skin too but Garnier works best for me. MAybelline would try me out.

    • If you are fair to wheatish then fresh ivory would suit you most, but then i feel both the shades would suit you well, i liked the garnier bb cream lekin, i also have dry skin so i used to mix that with aroma magic almond cream and it did suit my skin a lot. maybelline bb cream stick i have never used, their tube verision was good, but used to give white cast 🙁

  3. This is not for me. Thank god…some money saved 😀 Nice review Taps. I too am shocked that u bought two widout testing the product first 😯 Life of a shopaholic eh? 😉 :-))

  4. very nice review and pics taps. :yes: :yes: … i dnt like glycerin much in face products.. makes me feel icky. :sweat: .. and this is insanely priced for a tm…

    • Especially with maybelline n garnier n other available at a lesser price na? I wish this dint hav glycerine tho..may hav proven to be quite gud otherwise..

    • Thanks a lot sweetheart! ya glyceirine in a product suits me during winters, but in summers not at all! n yes true for a TM, 475 is way too much

  5. i so wanted to try dis as i love d sp40 wala tinted sunblock…. but me gonna skip dis i am super oily thanks to u bucks saved 😛 :hug-makeup:

    • Yaa i can understand ur feeling, thts waht i was feeling and ended up buying two! mw also like the spf 40 wala sunblock, i prefer using their spf90 wala more lekin! good ur money saved :p

  6. I think this is def more of a winter product than summer…the glycerine will do wonders for dry skin..but in summers when my skin gets to b combi kinda I’d have t run away from this..

    • Yes exactly, this what i feel, during winters its ok, lotus launched this product at a wrong time! during summers i have combination skin and i wont ever use this product


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