Lotus Herbals Orange Peel And Alpine Salt Whitening Skin Polisher Review


Review on Lotus Herbals Orange Peel and Alpine Salt Whitening Skin Polisher.

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

 I am back again with a new review 😀 😀 like you all so strongly influenced me to buy Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Freshener and really made me feel guilty of not having it, 😛 So I immediately went to the nearby big bazaar store and picked it up. While I was loitering in the personal care products section of the bazaar. I found Lotus Orange Peel and Alpine salt Whitening Skin Polisher in the lotus range. It caught my eyes only because of the word orange peel and alpine salt. As you all know I am really getting tan these days and also I have started to get fine open pores on my face. Let me enlighten you that I swear by Lotus products, they have mostly worked for me all the time and I love lotus SPF 40 sunscreen, lotus alpha moist and lip balms and they are always present in my skincare range, ALWAYS!!!

So I grabbed this product without giving any second thoughts 🙂

Lotus Herbals Orange Peel & Alpine Salt Whitening Skin polisher:-

Lotus Herbals Orange Peel & Alpine Salt Whitening Skin polisher+lotus skin polisher reviews

  • Price – Rs.195/- for 100gm
  • Ingredients – Orange peel & Swiss Alpine Salt is only mentioned. (No list given)


 What Lotus Product Claims:-

 Orange peel and Swiss Alpine Salt Whitening Skin Polisher is a unique combination of Orange and Alpine Salt which removes toxins, deep cleanses pores as well as lightens your skin tone to provide you with a radiant glow.

Orange Peel: rich in vitamins, helps prevents acne, pimples and protects skin from dirt and pollution.

Swiss Alpine Salt: effectively removes dead cells, leaving it clean and refreshed.

Results:  detoxifies, whitens skin & enhances radiance.

How to use  Skin Polisher

Gently apply the Orange peel and Swiss Alpine Salt Whitening Skin Polisher on moistened skin with brisk circular movements on the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use daily to detoxify and enhance skin radiance.

It is thick in consistency as you can see in the picture

Lotus skin polisher reviews+Lotus herbal skin polisher reviews +whitening skin polisher

It is meant for oily/combination skin only.

My Experience with the Product –

Honestly, I am disappointed because I really had high expectations with the product but it came out to be just an average skin polisher. The only think I liked about the product that it smells like “Minute maid’s pulpy orange” and I really wanted to lick it rather than apply on my face 😛 Other than this, it did a fair job of radiating my skin to a certain extent and help clear out my pores with every wash which satisfied my expectations.

It felt good and squeaky clean after the wash without drying me out and my face felt smooth and soft so that was a plus point. But the reason for which I bought this, “it helps to lighten or whiten your skin” didn’t work at all.

What I like about Lotus Herbal Orange Peel & Alpine Salt Whitening Skin Polisher

  •   Gives you a radiant glow
  • Leaves your skin squeaky clean without drying out.
  • Your face gets smooth and soft.
  • Helps reducing pores gradually after every wash.
  •  Smells like “minute maid’s pulpy orange”

What I dislike about Lotus Herbal Orange Peel & Alpine Salt Whitening Skin Polisher

  • Doesn’t whiten or lighten your skin tone
  • Doesn’t reduce your blemishes/acne scars
  • Other skin polisher of Lotus might be better.
  • Its meant for oily/combination skin only so dry skin people cannot use this.

Would I re-purchase this?? –No, I will look for better skin polishers. As this product has disappointed me in terms of skin lightening which I expected a skin polisher to do.

Rating – 2/5 Can do better! 🙂

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  1. I have this too and luv the smell..I never gave a thought to its fairness wale properties but like it as a normal scrubber..I feel quite fresh after using this 🙂

    • Yeah..pavani! But i still like the everyuth some how coz it doesnt promises me to lighten or whiten skin.. So I know its just suppose to deep clean and exfoliate ur skin.

      But skin polishing stuff ne *thug* liyaa mujhe 😛

  2. good review erica..even i have tried..dere is one kit na wid chotu sachets..luv luv d smell 😀 n its nothing special normal scrub :-))

  3. HEY Hi anamika…mmm i want to call “ANI” may i???? :-))
    nd please suggest me a gud cheap concealor or something i just want to hide my dark circles…as i never use cosmetics so dnt hv any idea of these things….moreover i’m inspired by ur great eye looks …want to try them asap 🙂

  4. What is the difference betwn polisher and srcub ? i always thought they are the same ??

    me having pangs of dry skin these days literally peeling off flakes types 🙁 i guess i turned from combination to completely dry skin :(… me using ponds 24 hr moisture but still no good …so scared of scrubbing these days…

  5. looks yummy but sad it doesnt work… i too have some really old tan on my neck n a little lesser stuf on the face…. 🙁

    Ana.. i don like strawberry fragrance.. any other polisher u recommend to get rid of this old tan and do some good to the skin… thanku 🙂


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