Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher ‘Dawn Glow’ Review & Swatches


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Today I am going to review Lotus Herbals Purestay longlasting blusher in shade ‘Dawn Glow’ which is a subtle shade from the peach family. I have already reviewed another shade ‘Rose Kiss’ from this range. Go through my review if you are looking out for a subtle peachy orange blush suitable for daily wear.

Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Review+powder blushes

About Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Dawn Glow:-

Lotus Herbals PureStay range of long-lasting, natural make-up is 100% vegetarian, preservative-free and made with absolutely natural ingredients. This premium range of long lasting make up includes liquid foundation, compact, blusher, eye shadows, mascara, nourishing lip colors and high shine lip glosses in vibrant shades.

Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Review Details+best blushes

About Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Dawn Glow:-

Try PURESTAY BLUSHER to get that glow, shine and radiance. PURESTAY Blush is a preservative free all day wear blusher that gives cheeks a radiant, sheer and natural glow. This silky long wearing formula delivers pure, super smooth texture, excellent pigmentation without smudging or flaking. Colors are suitable for Indian skin tones. Available in 4 beautiful shades:

-Dawn Glow

-Rose Kiss

-Rose Petal

-Strawberry touch

Price: Rs.595 for 6 Grams

List of Ingredients: Not mentioned anywhere.

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Purestay Long lasting Blusher “Dawn Glow”:-

Lotus Herbals Purestay range is a premium range comprising of preservative free, long lasting makeup products made up of natural ingredients. I got several products from their range including lipgloss, lipsticks and blushers and was very impressed with the packaging and performance. They launched their Purestay blushers later so these are available online at medplubeauty shopping site, you can get these at their exclusive counters too. There are four shades in the blusher range, three of them are variants of pink shade whereas fourth one is a pretty peachy orange shade. All shades have minute golden shimmer.

Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Dawn Glow Review+powder blush

  •  Packaging: Lotus Herbals Purestay blushers come in similar packaging like their eye shadows and compacts. This blusher comes in silver pink packaging with a pink satin pouch. Brand name ‘Lotus Herbals’ is embossed on the top cover whereas shade name along with product description and net weight is mentioned at the backside of the blusher packaging. A big mirror is lodged at the inside of the top cover along with a good quality small compact blusher brush, brush has soft natural bristles and very useful for touch ups. Overall packaging is girly, chic, classy and very similar to makeup products from high end brands. However, I could not find the list of ingredients mentioned anywhere in the packaging.

  • Shade: ‘Dawn Glow’ is a pretty milky peachy orange shade with minute golden microshimmers. It’s a satin matte blush which will suit all skin types and tones. Its not a bright, scary looking orange shade rather a gorgeous orange blush well suited, designed and formulated for Indian skin tones. Golden shimmers present in the blush are well distributed and not ott chunky types. These shimmers impart a soft subtle wearable golden sheen to my cheeks with color. I have small pores and shimmers in the blush do not accentuate them. But if you have dry dehydrated matured skin, layering up this blush can highlight the pores. Those who want to use subtle peachy orange blushers but get scared by bold orange shades should give this shade a try. It gives light warm orange glow well suited for warm skin tones. I am going to use it more often during summers.

Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Review  Shade close up+makeup

  • Texture, Blendability & Finish: Texture of the blush is soft but firm, whenever I use a blusher brush with one swipe enough product gets picked without causing wastage, just make sure that you dab your brush softly over blush surface instead of roughly brushing against the surface. I have used it many times to may work place and it looks gorgeous, not OTT or too bold. This blusher blends nicely without getting cakey or streaky on my skin. Unlike the other variant ‘Rose Kiss’ this shade never ever gets streaky on my face even with layering more blush. Its a matte finish blush suitable for daily wear and will suit Indian skin types but everyone may not like the shimmers it has. So check these out at stores before purchasing.

Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher ‘Dawn Glow’ Swatches:-

Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Review hand swatch+make up

Pigmentation & Staying Power:

This blush is highly pigmented and I need one swipe each time I use it. It gives a natural peachy orange hint to my cheeks which suits my warm skin tone. This shade is fresh and summery and will suit all kinds of skin tones. It stays on my cheeks for 4-5 hours without a face primer, with a primer the longevity may increase.

Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher Review Blended Hand Swatch+where to apply blush

What I liked about Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher in shade ‘Dawn Glow’?

  • -‘Dawn Glow’ is a beautiful warm peachy orange blush with subtle gold shimmers.
  • -Golden shimmers are not OTT kinds and just impart a hint of glow.
  • -Quantity is 6 grams which is pretty good, will last me for a long time.
  • -Blusher brush provided with it is of pretty good quality, useful for touch ups. Its not at all scratchy.
  • -A huge mirror is provided with it, very useful during traveling.
  • -The texture of blusher is soft but firm and hence does not lead to wastage of product.
  • -This shade is a pretty orange blush suitable for Indian skin tones, it can be easily used by girls on day today basis as its not that bold shade.
  • -Its preservative free and contains natural ingredients, thus safe for use in the long run.
  • -Packaging is girly, chic, classy, very similar to high end makeup products.
  • -Its richly pigmented, thus one swipe is enough for each time.
  • -Its staying power is 4-5 hours without a face primer. With a primer it can extend upto 6 hours +
  • -Ideal for daily wear, its subtle but brightens a dull looking face in an instant.

What I did not like about Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher in shade ‘Dawn Glow’?

  • -Its damn pricy for a lotus herbals product which is a drugstore brand.
  • -I could not see list of ingredients anywhere on the packaging.
  • -Blusher has minute shimmers which may accentuate pores with multiple swipes.
  • -I won’t suggest this product for matured skin with pronounced pores, this product can highlight your problem areas.
  • -These blushers are not easily available.
  • -Packaging is a bit bulky. I won’t prefer taking it while travelling.


  • Packaging: 4.5 out of 5
  • Shade: 4.75 out of 5
  • Pigmentation & Staying Power: 4.25 out of 5
  • Price vs Quality: 4 out of 5
  • Availability: 3.5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Will I repurchase it? I don’t think I would need to, quantity is huge and it will take time to finish it. I prefer to buy new shades each time.

My Overall Recommendation: Lotus Purestay long lasting blusher ‘Dawn Glow’ is a preservative free milky orange peach blusher with minute gold shimmers. Shimmers in this blusher are very minute and impart just a hint of glow without accentuating the pores. Its richly pigmented and one swipe is enough for getting natural peachy orange hint on cheeks. It’s a warm blush with 4-5 hours staying power. It has matte finish. Packaging overall is very classy and attractive. However, I won’t suggest this product to people with matured skin and big pores. If you don’t have distinct bigger pore size and do not mind the price tag or minute shimmers then surely go for this range.

Have you tried Lotus Herbals Purestay Longlasting Blusher”Dawn Glow’?

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  1. This is of the most unique blush shades i’ve ever seen! That too from an indian brand :yes: The swatch reminds me of Rasna 😀 Very nicely reviewed Taps 🙂

  2. Iam in love with the packaging of this range, I thought of buying a blush but then changed my mind and bought revlon lippie. 😛
    But after reading ur 2nd review Iam surely gonna go for rose kiss or rose petal. :-))
    I swatched this shade but Iam so much in love with my mac peaches that no other orangey peach blush can pull me from it 😀
    Taps would have loved to see how it looks on u :-))

    • this is such a summery shade and Nav now u too have started flaunting your mac blushes ..lolz..u r not to be blamed..MAC is an addiction.

      • Hey Ana, how was ur holiday in Malaysia?? Might have njoyed a lot na :-))
        n ya I use mac peaches :-)) everyday for office but I will buy lotus purestay rose petal soon…. 😀

    • Cool you can get any shade next time u visit, n mac peaches and melba are both in my wish list, they r damn pretty shades, nice choice :yes:

  3. that’s an awesome organe-y color! loved it! Taps, you’ve got excellent taste! You seem to choose only the most fab of makeup products for purchase and review! 🙂

    • Hi dear, its not frosty, this blush has matte finish with very subtle golden shimmers, its not frosty at all, do check this at stores, 🙂

    • Awwww dear, may be try this at stores, you may like it, or else try subtle peachy shades, give this a passe and save money :p


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