Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Hamper Giveaway|Lotus Herbals Valentine Giveaway


Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Hamper Giveaway

Hello Beauties,

Valentine’s Day may have gone but there is no particular day for love and so we have a great giveaway for you all today for the love of your skin! From school sweethearts to college couple and later on the way to happily ever after, there are certain things you might have done along with your partner/ soulmate and with this giveaway, we believe to bring back those loving moments and the same youthful skin which is what you take home with the Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Hamper Giveaway! 🙂

New Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti-Ageing range

For those who are happily single and ready to mingle or just stay single, it is yet another way to treat yourself and let your skin get all the glory which will eventually make you an ultimately happy person!

So, with this giveaway, we have some awesome goodies from Lotus Herbals and much more which will make you feel pampered!

New Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti-Ageing foaming gel

You might remember Lotus sent me the entire Youth Rx range of products and I reviewed them after trying them for a considerable time!

Checkout the video below-

I have reviewed the products from the range namely-

Now interesting thing is that you can easily win some Lotus Herbals products and much more with this giveaway as it celebrates the spirit of Love and that aging is a thing of the past and how you can age gracefully by using some of the best Youth Rx products to meet the advancing age issues of the skin!

So, the giveaway is really simple and all you have to do is-

  • Comment below and tell us your favorite romantic memory.
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You can also tell us your favorite romantic memory on this page HERE and Lotus Herbals will pick one winner and make your romantic memory happen again!! 🙂

Oh yes, it is this simple! The answers we like the best will be selected and you can simply win the hamper by reliving your favorite lovey dovey memories! 🙂

Well, girls this is all you have to do and you can make the post Valentine week equally happening and self pampering for your skin! 🙂

P.S. Contest ends on 22nd feb. Open only to Indian residents older than 18yrs.


  1. 5 years and counting…I have had a lot of memories with my loving husband and to lift up one particular memory is a little hard for me but still If I had to mention a particular moment, it would be a month after being together we both were attending the Christmas Mass in a near by Church in Panchgani and he had to leave the next day for official work!

    We walked back to the hotel and I asked him what he asked from God and he said, ” Nothing! I already got what all I ever wanted!”

    He is not very expressive with words and all but that casual walking and expressing his feelings was something I cannot describe! Most most loving special memory for me! <3 <3

  2. awwww!

    Although I am not participating but still writing down the favourite romantic memory.We were in Langkawi and he was constantly talking to a receptionist..I was kind of irritated about it but then we went out and whole day were roaming around the island and when we came back I found the whole room decorated with flowers and cake .That was the reason of his long talks with the receptionist.It was not any special occasion, he just did it and I think I remember this moment the most because we just had our daughter and that was the perfect romantic thing for a new mommie who is mostly busy in changing diapers :D:D

    • wow that is so thoughtful for him…and you must be thinking “why is he talking to her!!”

      haha..really with your little one around the trip must have been the most awesome memories for both of you!

  3. My beautiful moment was a visit to yamthang valley in Sikkim, with my husband. The valley covered with purple flowerbed, teesta river flowing by, covered with high snow-covered mountains… no place can be more romantic than this.. India’s Switzerland!

  4. HI Anamika,

    I have lot of memories with my would be.. This one is worth sharing.
    Context: we both used to work for same company. I was seriously sick in office and also had heavy cold and fever.

    Bangalore is famous for its romantic and chill weather all around the year.

    I was literally shivering with cold under AC. He was busy in meetings and stuffs. I thought to take help of escorts and take emergency cab to home. But I was really ill to move also. So I thought to wait for him to accompany me.

    There I was sitting in pantry, all alone , shivering with both my arms closed as tightly as possible. He somehow sneaked out of his meeting and came to check on my health.

    He took a steel flask filled with hot water and a jacket. That moment even thought he didn’t say those three magical words, he showed it in his action. I could see love in his eyes. I was wondering how did he drop meeting with his onshore partner and sneak out. And then, I was holding the flask to make my palm warm. But that jacket was sleeveless and it was of no use for me.

    But I loved him for his presence of mind to give me that hot flask. And I found it damn romantic too 🙂


  5. Its been 3 years since we are dating. Our story is a little different. I belong to a strict conservative muslim family where we are not allowed to be friends with other sex. When my family found out about us they really pressured me to forget him but i was thinking to elope. I even ran to him but he made me understand that we can never be happy if we make our parents unhappy. It was my ddlj moment. Now my family no more has such issues with him. He made my parents realize his love for me.

  6. It’s been 8 years since me n my husband know each other and he has never gifted me anything on valentine’s day in all these years. This year I had to go out of town on 13th and my arrival was at 5am on 14th. When I entered my home the entire hall was decorated with red balloons and he had even made a giant heart from thermocol sheets. He wrapped all the lights with red gelatin paper and the whole hall was glowing in pinkish red shade. The whole hall had flowers and candles lit all over. He even got a heart shaped cake for me. It was the best valentine’s day ever and I could never expect this from my husband on valentine’s day!!!


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