Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner Pencil Review Black,Sapphire & Glitzy Brown


By Prerana, Lotus Eyeliner Review -Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner Pencil Review

What Lotus Hypnotica eye contour definer claims

Lotus cosmetic products – Hypnotica is a premium quality auto mechanism, water proof eyeliner which defines eyes to perfection and is enriched with botanical extracts & vitamins which relaxes eyes through out the day.

Lotus Hypnotica Shades

Black (matte), Sapphire (glittery blue), Glitzy Brown (glossy brown with a hint of glitters), and glossy Aqua Green.


Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner Pencil Review

I have Black, Sapphire, Glitzy Brown

Price Rs 199/- for 1.2gm

Ingredients Not listed !

Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner Pencil Sapphire Review

About Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner

  1. Lotus Hypnotica comes in matte Black, glittery Blue (Sapphire), Aqua Green, glossy brown (Glitzy brown).
  2. These are in twist up form and come with a small sharpener at its back to make the tip of the eyeliner pointed.
  3. The texture of the pencil is very creamy which glides on skin smoothly.
  4. The glitter (present in 2 shades Sapphire, Glitzy brown ) may seem little rough to skin while applying.

The sharpeners of Blue, Brown and Black from top to bottom

Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner Pencil Glitzy Brown Review

My experience with Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner shade Sapphire

  1. Sapphire is a deep blue shade with tiny silvery glitters in it.
  2. It glides very smoothly and single stroke gives enough color so color pay off is very nice..
  3. It do not sting on the lower lash line or even the water line, as I apply it on both of my eyelids for a more dramatic look.
  4. Staying power is ok type, it stays as it is for 4hrs then it stats fading slowly and if I do not do a touch up it gives a faint blue line after I return home (ie., about  after7hrs, so I am happy with it), also it is waterproof.

Swatches  of Lotus Hynoica Eyeliner Black, Sapphire, Glitzy Brown (Left to Right)

Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner Pencil  shades Black, Sapphire & Glitzy Brown Swatches

My Experience with Lotus Hypnoica Glitzy Brown eyeliner

  1. Glitzy Brown is too light colored to show up on skin, I had to put white eye shadow under it for the color to show up.
  2. The texture of it is glossy along with little silvery glitters are also present in it, it is a total no no for formal / office wear.
  3. I don’t  know why but I feel with Glitzy Brown if I apply a thin line of liquid black eyeliner, perhaps the look will be much more beautiful, what you all say??
  4. Doesn’t sting, doesn’t smudge on lower lash line.


My Experience with Lotus Hypnoica Black eyeliner

  1. The Lotus Black eyeliner pencil is not the blackest black I have ever seen, Bourjois and Chambors Black eyeliners are much more intense that this one, is what I feel.
  2. Still the black is very creamy, matte and perfect for office when you do not want dramatic eyes.
  3. I apply it in place of Kajal on my waterline and it don’t sting on my eyes.
  4. Staying power of Black eyeliner on eyes is about 4hrs, then it starts smudging on thw water line but on lids it stays as it is.


What I like about Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner

  1. The black color is very black and matte, so can be wore in all occasions.
  2. The price is very affordable, I may be wrong but I think it is the lowest price in pencil eyeliner range as Lakme costs between 275-300/-, Bourjois costs 200/-, Colorbar I-Glide costs 375/- or so and Revlon one stroke costs 425 something.
  3. (Although full ingredients list is not given) but it is herbal and safe for your beautiful eyes.
  4. It is waterproof.
  5. It comes in twist up form, so no hassle of sharpening and all.
  6. It comes in a in-built small sharpener to sharpen the tip of the pencil.


Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner Pencil Review of shades  Black, Sapphire & Glitzy Brown

What I didn’t like  about Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner

  1. Due to the silver glitters, it can not be applied in day time / office / formal meetings.
  2. The glitter particles sometimes seems rough to skin if applied with pressure.
  3. The Brown color just does not show up until you apply any white eye shadow under it.
  4. After you remove the makeup, the glitter particles still remain sticked all over the eye area and spreads here and there.

Will I repurchase Lotus Hypnoica Eyeliner

Honestly, I may re purchase black and sapphire but not the brown because  that one is too light to show up on the skin. The Aqua Green is a very preety color and Iâm gona buy that one soon. Other than this I have no issues in using them for the money I pay..

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  1. Sapphire is so pigmented. Black looks good too. I agree with you on the brown. It just doesn’t show up! And Prerana you have such gorgeous eyes. Don’t know if I had said before but you have pretty big eyes :))

  2. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* sapphire is awesome on your eyes prerna 😀 😀 glad you did this review or say awesome detailed review
    thanks honey :-* :-* :-* :-*

  3. Wow Prerana, these pencils are amazing for 200/-… loved the blue and brown color. u didnt like brown very much i loved its copper color :hypnotized: :hypnotized: … me to getting one surely.. wait..

    Yep, added to the list :heh: :heh:

  4. Hi Prerana,…am getting to read your post after so many days. Your eyes are so attractive and it looks fablous…i will surely buy the sapphire one…it looks too good on you….

  5. Lovely review, the brown looks gorgeous on your eyes…I have the 4th colour in this- the green one and I like it! You are right, the only other eye pencils in this price range are Maybelline Eye Studio.


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