Lotus Nutramoist skin renewal Daily Moisturizing creme (Product review)

                   Lotus herbals Nutramoist skin renewal Daily moisturizing creme SPF -25
I have heard so much about Lotus product from my dear friend Rentu that I thought of giving Lotus moisturizing creme a try.Got it two months back and have been using it every day . I use it in my night regime  also because of its long lasting moisturization power.
I had combination oily skin which has become quiet oily after coming to Hyderabad.I suffer from acne problem too and my skin breaks out even at drop of a hat.Still I love moisturizier and keep trying new one every now and then.I prefer moisturizer which are light in consistency and do not make me feel greasy or heavy and on the other hands keeps my face moisturized all day long.
What the product claims – A luxurious non-greasy moisturizing crรƒฦ’ร‚ยจme for daily use. Extracts from cherry, plum and alpha hydroxyl fruit acids provide long lasting moisturisation while enhancing capability of skin cells to retain moisture for a long time. Also protects from harmful UV rays. Prevents tanning of skin and other forms of UV rays damage. Smooth and silky skin is what you achieve, all day long.
Ingredients – Extracts of Cherry, Plum and Alpha hydroxyl acids derived from grapes.
 Alpha hydroxyl acids – Alpha hydroxy acid is made from milk and fruit sugars and commonly used in creams and lotions. Its chemical properties are said to eliminate or reduce wrinkles, age spots and discoloration and sun damage. Although alpha hydroxy acid has its critics, many people believe that they make a significant impact on the appearance and health of their skin.(From wikipedia)

Price of Lotus Nutramoist Daily moisturizing creme – Rs 295 for 50gm
How to use the product – After cleansing and toning the face apply Nutramoist in dots all over the face and neck area, Use finger tips to gently massage and spread the creme.
My experience with the product :-
Initially  my skin felt greasy after applying the cream but afterwards my skin got use to of it and  now when I use it my skin doesn’t need any moisturization through out the day.It feel hydrated all the time.
What I liked about the product:-
1. As the cream is highly moisturizing my biggest fear was of acne.Thankfully it didn’t  broke me out till date.This is a biggest point for oily skin people and this is the reason  there are many girls who do not prefer applying moisturizer on their skin.They feel greasy and ton top of that they have to deal with acne problem constantly.

2. Consistency of the creame is light and therefore it is easy to apply it.
3. Contains SPF 25 which makes me skip sunscreen completely.
4. I like the packaging of the product though I have to sanitize my hand every time I take out the cream but this is what we have to do with most of the moisturizing creams.
5. One tub of the cream will last for 2-3 months easily and therefore I find the product pretty affordable.
6. I use the cream twice a day once in the morning and second before going to the bed.My skin doesn’t feel dry and neither it suffer from any dry patches.
7. This cream will easily suit those who have combination oily skin .Even dry skin people can try this cream  in summers. I think dry skin will need more moisturization than what this creame can provide in winters.
Dislike – Cream is little oily for me. I prefer creams which  do not make my face greasy at all but it does make me feel greasy.
Will I re -purchase it ?– I will be needing it only in winters. It is a complete No for me during summers .
Those who have dry or combination skin can try it in summers.  It might work for dry skin  but for oily skin I will suggest to choose a product which is specifically meant for their oily skin so that they might get their best moisturizing cream.
Which is you best face moisturizing cream ?
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  1. hi anamika thank you so much for replying to my post…hey u in hyderabad….even i stay in hyd….yipee where exctly do u stay?and i wanted to know where do u get the pitanjali products from?cudnt find it anywhere

  2. I put up in in MIyapur ๐Ÿ™‚ where u r staying ? You can get patanjali products in gachiboli boli junction near punjabi rasoi..

  3. Hey did you try Lotus Alpha moist ?? i got it after reading the reviews on IMBB somewhere….its good..the only con is you'l have to use a seperate sun screen while going out….i use my fab india sunscreen for the purpose..

  4. Hey did you try Lotus Alpha moist ?? i got it after reading the reviews on IMBB somewhere….its good..the only con is you'l have to use a seperate sun screen while going out….i use my fab india sunscreen for the purpose..


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