Lotus RenewGel Anti Wrinkle Gel With Vitamin E Review


Lotus Anti Wrinkle Gel

Few  years ago I would’ve never thought of using  an anti wrinkle gel for myself!  but then I would’ve never thought of being in mid 20’s either :P. Well lets not start the post with these aging issues and talk about the beautiful things which help in keeping us pretty.

Lotus Renew Gel Vitamin E Anti wrinkle Gel is the second gel which I have ever used (first being Patanajli aloevera gel) .After using both the products I have realized that gel based products are something which my skin is quite comfortable with 🙂

What the product claims -This multi action gel is based on “HISTOMERIC CELL EXTRACTS” which acts as powerful cutaneous bio activators,renewing the skin profoundly by combating wrinkles and sagging of the tissues.Vitamin E is a natural moisturiser and enhances elasticising factors.This water based light gel facilitates complete absorbtion of ‘actives’ when applied all over face any time of the day.

I tried to find out about Histomeric gel extract but couldn’t get much information. All I came to know is that it helps in skin rejuvenation.If you have any idea about it then do share  🙂 Wonch you ?? 😎

Price of Lotus Herbal RenewGel Anti Wrinkle Gel With Vitamin E is Rs 165 for 100 gm.

Lotus anti wrinkle gel

How I used it – I used it twice a day right after cleansing and toning. As I used  the product in the beginning of winters my skin used to feel dry and stretched after two hours of application of this product. Therefore, with this I was using Lotus  Nutramoist skin renewal Daily Moisutrizing creme as a moisturizer.

Packaging – Comes in a pump bottle  with a transparent cover on top which makes it easy to use even while traveling.

Lotus anti wrinkle gel review

As it is gel based it is a complete no no for dry skin and oily skin people can enjoy it, especially during summers. The product beautifully glides into the skin with in seconds and gives a soothing feel.

It is completely transparent and can be used as a makeup base easily.

Lotus anti wrinkle gel swatches

It doesn’t leave any  trace of oil or  even watery like substance feel behind.It is a plain gel which gets absorbed in seconds.It is extremely light weight too.

Lotus anti wrinkle gel swatches

My experience:-

1. I used the product for a month and I do feel that it helps in tightening of the skin a bit but there was no remarkable difference which I could boast about. Product claims to show its effects in three weeks so  considering that,  it  never showed any observable result to me .

2. Can’t really say about wrinkles but it never broke me out and I liked applying it anytime of the day when ever I wanted to relax my skin.

3. Vitamin E was certainly an additional benefit but there was no SPF.  So with this gel, one needs an extra moisturizer with a sunscreen too.

4. Product claims to suit all skin types but I am pretty sure dry skin people won’t find it worth using.

5. It is always advisable to start using anti aging products at the right age before it gets too late  therefore I am trying to get into the habit of adapting these kinds of product in my skin care regime. Considering that, it is not a bad product indeed.

6. Decently priced and one bottle lasts for around 2 months if used twice a day.

7.Ingredients of the product are not mentioned on the bottle which is quiet a disappointment.

8 Mild Fresh gel fragrance

9.I thought  that anti wrinkle products should have extra moisturisation power in them as when our skin starts losing moisture it starts aging, but it turned out to be quite a contrast.

Recommendation – Product is best suited for combination or oily skin and only in summers or spring season.No exceptional result can be seen atleast in the three weeks as mentioned in the product.

Wise She Rating – 3/5


  1. Gurlssss i used it and i loved it..trust me its superbb.. :-)) i saw miracle happening when my fine lines started vanishing… its really good..its for all skin types


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