14 Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review and Swatches of the Entire Range


Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review & Swatches of the Entire Range

Hello, ladies… this is my second lip gloss review.

I previously reviewed Maybelline’s Hooked on Pink but went and got another one from Lotus.  For over 2 years I have used their lip glosses and it’s made me a faithful fan forever.

  • Price:  Rs. 225
  • Quantity: 5 mlLotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review and Swatches of the Entire Range+affordable glossed in india


What Lotus says about its SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses:

A unique, high gloss lip care formulation with a non-sticky feel. Enriched with botanical extracts of Grapes and Jojoba that make lips soft and supple for long.

Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review and Swatches of the Entire Range+ non sticky glosses


Active Ingredients Include:

  • Jojoba oil: (pronounced ho ho ba) has anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.  It doesn’t evaporate like other water based moisturisers and gets easily absorbed by the skin.  Sensitive skin loves jojoba oil cause of its non-allergic properties.  A very important plus point is that like moringa oil is that jojoba doesn’t get rancid for a long long time.
  • Grape Seed:  The antioxidants in the oil are known for their health giving properties and are more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E.

Lotus is one product that has charmed its way into our hearts.  Inspired by Ayurveda, a 5000 year old science of life, each product contains combination extracts of different herbs to protect, heal and enhance the face, body and hair.   They first launched skin care, hair care and then sun care.  Their pioneering work in Suncare to battle the ‘Indian Tan’ won them accolades.  Their foray into cosmetics made us fall in love with them all over again. Not to mention their whitening range that was also quite a hit !

  •  These are the colours in their range:


  • 40 lychee squash

  • 41 strawberry punch

  • 43 winter  berry crush

  • 42 sappy watermelon

  • 48 passion fruit splash

  • 30 cranberry punch

  • 31 hazel nut sheen

  • 32 ice cube

  • 34 jamoon

  • 35 mocha spice

  • 36 berry blush

  • 37 candy floss

  • 38 precious peach

  • 39 golden mango


Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review and Swatches of the Entire Range+15 gloss swatche

The fact that they are against animal products and animal testing serves as the biggest reason for me wanting to use their products.  Then the fact that their products are 97% Natural and 100% vegetarian gives them the edge they need over most of the currently available Indian brands.

They have quite a presence in Asia and Europe as well because of their trusted Herbal approach thus making Lotus a much sought after brand both at home and abroad. One range that I absolutely and unconditionally love is their Botanical Lip Gloss range.

Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review and Swatches of the Entire Range+herbal glosses

It is enriched with botanical extracts.  Lotus has come out with not 5, not 10 but 15 amazing colours to choose from If you are looking for a high gloss and NON-STICKY formula then look no further.  I have bought their lipglosses over and over again because they are totally non-sticky.

Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review and Swatches of the Entire Range+15 gloss swatches

The gloss comes with a DOE-FOOT applicator that delivers colour evenly and smoothly and can easily be used as a top coat without altering the colour of the lipstick underneath. I wash my applicator every month useing ordinary soap and water. Idry it well with a hair dryer on the spot and then back it goes into the tube.  I also put the lip gloss in warm water in winter or when it’s finishing to loosen the product so that the applicator can pick up enough of it.

Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses Review and Swatches of the Entire Range+lip gloss herbal botanical

Here is my favourite OPAQUE, non-sparkle/  shimmer – ’36 Berry Blush’ Swatched on my hand and then one hour later.  I cooked dinner and it was still around.  It will stay on your lips for one to two hours but won’t withstand a meal.  I don’t mind it because it shows that it doesn’t have a lot of chemicals to keep it on for hours and hours…It’s good enough while it lasts.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the swatches…Not only is this Desi brand pocket-friendly but like many others really lives up to the promise it makes!  These are their latest colours and they are easily and widely available both in stores and online. 15 yummy colours…there’s surely one for you!

  •  Rating: 4/5

What I like about Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses:

  • Inexpensive
  • Leading Indian brand, good quality and herbal
  • Light and NON-STICKY
  • 15 colours to choose from
  • Goes on smoothly
  • Doesn’t bleed and shimmer doesn’t transfer all over
  • Sleek packaging looks like glass
  • Sturdy to carry anywhere
  • Easily available onelie and in stores
  • Opaque as well as shimmery colours

What I don’t like about Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses:

  • None except there’s no complete  ingredients list
  • Not water proof

Have you tried Lotus SEDUCTION Botanical Lip Glosses?

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  1. Lovely shades I must say.. These glosses were really quite d rage when they are out na? I remember buyin them from healthkart

  2. Lotus has awesome shades in in their lipgloss just the colors i want.. very my kinda.. very helpful review.. christina! :-)) :hug-makeup: :lipstick:


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