I Love Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm Review


I Love Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm 

Coconut is something to me which is as dear as my baby. I can never let the aroma go away from me. I found a coconut lip balm. A totally new brand to me. Did not know how it was. But just grabbed because it was coconut; I Love… Coconut after all.


I Love Coconut LipBalm


I Love… has so many fruity products. What ever is the key ingredient of the product, that is attached along with the name Something like I Love… Coconut, I Love… Mango, I Love… Strawberry, I Love… Raspberry. You will be all hooked to all the flavour and the variety. They have shower crème, body lotions, body butters, hand crème. I plan to explore  many more flavours. They seem real things crushed and stuffed into the bottle.

This I Love… Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm. Is a pure coconut product. Smells so like fresh grated coconut. I cannot have enough of this. If you are not a fan of coconut fragrance, then you shouldn’t sniff this, because there is nothing other than crushed coconut in here.


I Love Glossy LipBalm


A transparent tub with a black screw cap is the package of this lip balm. Underneath the tub is a peel able sticker which shows some details.


I Love Lip Balm


The lip balm is waxy yet soft. It is a little whitish in nature, which is how the coconut is. So, if not blended properly it gives those whitish lips which one completely detest. You have to use this lip balm in the right amount for the lips and bit of blending is surely required. You will need very little though.

It keeps the lips soft and free from dry flakes and is quite moisturizing giving that shiny gloss look to the lips.


I Love Coconut LipBalm swatch


If you by any chance see this I Love… product, you should not miss to grab it soon.

Rating: 5/5. Yeah. That is what a coconut gets from me. :-).

Price: £1

What I like about I Love… Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm:

  • A waxy yet creamy lip balm.
  • Keeps the lips soft.
  • Keeps the dry flakes away from the lips.
  • Great coconut fragrance seems real.
  • A value for money at just 1 pound.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • A travel friendly transparent pack.

What I don’t like about I Love… Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm:

  • The lip balm is a little whitish. So, if you apply loads then you will end up with white lips.
  • Not sure how easily the I Love… products are available in India.

Have you tried I Love… Coconut & Cream Glossy Lip Balm?

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  1. I remember this brand was a part of velvette bag,but haven’t see any online stores stocking them….would love to try this lip balm.

  2. I really hate coconuts so I am going to stay far far away from this, but I have seen a few I love… products like their body butter online in India but not their lipbalms.

  3. I looveeee coconuts but i do not know why the coconut hair oil does not work for me. A creamy gloss balm would be great for a change. Definitely worth trying!!


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