Love sex aur Dhoka Review


Star cast-Anshuman Jha, Shruti ,Raj Kumar Yadav,Neha Chauhan,Amit Sial

Director-Dibakar Banerjee

After EMI which was a complete flop ,Ekta Kapoor has come up with a bang with Dibakar Banerjee directed LSD “Love Sex aur Dhoka” .


Rahul who is the main character of the film is studying in a second rate film institute in the redneck hinterland of North India.He engraving out the theme of a great star studded Backlit Bollywood Love,the movie will become one of a splendid master piece .But as expected he ends up falling in love with his heroine whose name in the movie is Shruti.

Another character in the story is Adarsh who works in a security camera agency. Adarsh is mad about money and to become rich he tries to make a porn movie by setting up a camera in an departmental store. Adarsh starts wooing Rashmi who is a simple unattractive sales girl. One day a shootout takes place in the store and Rashmi comes out from her simple image takes hold of the situation and saves a life.

Adarsh perception about the Rashmi changes after the episode.Third and the last character is Prabhat who is a misogynist sting journalist .Prabhat has everything going wrong in his life .He is going through a bad divorce and on top of that can be fired any time from his job.After attempting many suicides he meet a girl name Naina who is also trying the same stuff i.e suicide as she was ditched by Bhangra Hip hop star who she slept with .He promised her to cast in a video but video finally went to a Russian blonde. Prabhat and Naina fall for each other when they try to blackmail Loki.

My views:-

I had lot of expectation with Dibakar Banerjee as I completely liked his previous film Oye lucky!Lucky oye,Khosla Ka Ghosla. Dibakar Banerjee knows what he wants from his character and the film completely stands out. Film is out and out complete experiment and which has worked well. Film has stories which we read in newspaper and keep gossiping about it over lunch. Film has emotion, drama, porn clips and what today’s generation wants. Film is totally realistic and superbly made.

Dialogue and Performances-Movie has superb dialogue which are funny and realistic. As far as performances are concerned movie has all new actor and actresses but the kind of performance which all has given is much better than many actresses who are ruling the Bollywood industry. The best thing is that all characters looks as if you will meet them today itself.

So all those young and open minded people just go and watch the movie once and I am sure you won’t repel it.



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