Love You Nail Polish Remover Pads Review


I picked these nail polish remover pads from Archies few months back and these are most convenient and effective working nail polish remover I have ever purchased.

  • Price INR 125

Nail Polish Remover Pad India

Taking a piece of nail tissue sticks on the nail which is needed to be cleaned then grazing the nail from the root to the tip so that the nail enamel will be removed,and the face of the nail will be gloss.

Fa Nail Polish Remover Towel

 My experience with Nail Polish Remover Pads

I think its a chinese brand albeit I am not too sure about it and  guessing it  by looking at  its Chinese language .They have not even mentioned how many pads one plastic tub contain however as it has lasted with me for 3-4 months I guess count of the pads  must be around 25-30.

It has this strong sweet orange fragrance which I like and one piece of pad is more than enough to clean all my ten nail fingers.Just one or two swipe and my nails are super duper clean .I like to use it most when I am doing nail art and I have to remove off the excess as it makes the process so simple.With this around I do not have to soak up the cotton balls  in the liquid nail polish remover and worry about evaporation of nail polish remover:duh:.

Also content of the soaked pad remains for long hours so even if my nail art goes wrong I can re use the nail polish remover pad and clean off my nail polish again . :clap-n-jump:

Nail Polish Remover Towel Archies


  • My nails breaks down quite  easily if I use liquid nail polish remover but while using pads frequency of breakage has  reduced.
  • After removing of the nail polish it leaves a glossy finish which I don’t like albeit  thankfully it is not oily and gets removed easily after washing my hands.
  • All in all I loved using these Love you nail polish remover pads 😛 .They are travel friendly , prevent  breakage of nails and makes the nail polish removing job easy peasy.
  • Wise She Rating – 4/5 (If you don’t like strong sweet fragrance of orange then you might not like this)

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  1. Like these loads A…i havnt sen these here at Archies..

    I always carry remover pads when travelling..saves me the trouble of carrying the liquid based ones…i use the ELF remover pads…they cost 99inr for 18 pads…

  2. Archies sells such things now? It has been ages since I went to one – the pads look really nice..

    Btw the ELF polish remover pads are available at NBC. I can’t remember how much they cost though..

  3. seems interesting…..will definitely try them…..btw does liquid nail paint remover leads to breakage of nails???? ?:-)


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