Low caloire instant date shake/Khajoor shake

Dates are healthy and quite low in fat. It Is surprising to know that the average date has only 23 calories. It is  high in fiber and best part is that dates are sweet in taste. Many studies shows that diets which are low in fat and high in fiber containing food reduces the risk of cancer too.
I also love the fact that dates are so sweet that you don’t have to add any kind of artificial sugar in it and this shake gives a fuller feeling after having it. So it is ideal to drink it in evening when you feel like binging on chips, sandwiches or pastries.

Here goes the recipe

Remove the seeds from dates and put them in the blender.Do not remove date outer skin.

              Now take a blender and add milk and dates into it.One glass shake will  require 4-5 dates.

                                Filter the mixture with the help of a sieve and serve it chilled.

Kitchen Notes
1.Many people add banana also into it.But I prefer it this way because  when I tried adding banana  it tasted quite thick to me which I didn’t like.
2.If you find the drink too sweet or thick after making it then add little water.
3.You can 1/2 cup orange juice for that  tangy taste.
4.Add a scoop of vanilla ice creame for kids.

If you want to  learn about Khajool kheer(dates kheer) then click here

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  1. Hi Sneha,How you doing dear?Its so sweet of you for taking out time and commenting on the post.BTW…I don like khajoor as they are too sweet and i dont have a sweet tooth but i like this shake a lot.


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