Low Maintenance Celebrity Inspirations Hair Up-Do


Low Maintenance Celebrity Inspirations Hair Up-Do

Hey girls! We all look up to our favorite celebs for latest trends in hairstyles. In fact, we even tend to get a bit jealous of their luscious locks at times! 😉 The bun hairstyle is so in style right now! With so many different variations, celebrities are frequently seen flaunting their hair wrapped in a bun. In fact, this is one of those hairstyles which requires the least amount of maintenance & keeps your hair in place too. Today, we take a look at some of these hair up-dos inspired by our lovely celebs. Keep reading!

The Sock Bun:

This is a perfect low-maintenance hairstyle. It gives a really neat & polished look. Lauren Conrad has been frequently seen rocking this look. Once mastered, this is a must try hair updo which never fails to impress!


Top Knot Bun:

A top knot bun looks very classy & trendy. In addition, it is easy to style & keeps your hair well in place. It even adds volume to your hair. Kareena Kapoor has been spotted a lot of times in this updo.


The Hun:

The Half Bun or the Hun, as it is called is another great hair updo to give a try. You tie half of your hair into a ponytail & wrap into a bun & the other half is left open. This will especially come to your rescue on a second hair day or bad hair day.


Braided Bun:

Braided bun looks really chic & is a no-fuss hairstyle. Deepika Padukone was recently seen in this neat & elegant updo during Bajirao Mastani promotions.


Low Messy Bun:

A messy bun does not consume much time & looks very cute.  It is a good choice for both casual as well as formal occasions. See how lovely is Eva Longoria looking in this pretty updo!


Sleek Low Bun:

The sleek low bun with a side partition adds a sophisticated touch to your personality. You can also flaunt some side-swept bangs with this updo to look more trendy!


Ballerina Bun:

This is a timeless hairstyle that really steps up your hair game. It is easy-to-do & you can wear it with almost any outfit.


Tight Bun:

Tight buns always scream elegance & class, especially those with a center partition. To add some style, you may also try a twisted tight bun.


Side Bun:

Simply make a low side ponytail & twist the tail to wrap it into a bun. Complete by securing with bobby pins. You can either go for a simple side bun or a messy one. In addition, you may also try out a top side bun which looks really stylish.


The Bouffant Bun:

The Bouffant Bun has its own charm. It gives you a neat & stylish look & is easy to do as well!


Have you tried any of these pretty up-dos lately?

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