Luminous Rouge Blush Colorbar Cosmetics – Review & Swatch


Colorbar Luminous Rouse Blush

Hi Everyone! I got this blush a week back and I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts on this gorgeous and yummy blush from Colorbar.This blush was sent to me by the PR and I seriously didn’t expect this to so so gorgeous.

If you followed my posts, I shared recently a perfectly winged eyeliner tutorial as video and I also wrote a post about it a few days ago. Along with this Colorbar eye liner, I also got a new blush from them, which I specifically asked about and it was in my wish list since long.

How To Use Luminous Rouge Blush ColorBar Cosmetics

Apply on cheeks with the Face Blender Brush, and to the rest of the face for a subtle luminosity.

Differentiate step by step

  • Begin with the contour or darkest, shade in your Instant Cheekbones palette and apply to the hollow space below the cheekbone.
  • Apply the medium shade to the apples of your cheeks and sweep upwards toward the hairline to get the perfect flush
  • For a youthful glow, highlight the tops of your cheeks with the lightest shade
  • Blush is bright and so insanely pigmented  and is so soft and buttery.It has three main shades where there is pink purple which is followed by fuchsia middle tone and then there is a baby pink shade.
  • One definitely needs to tap the brush before applying it otherwise chances of going overboard with this blush are very very high.

Luminious Rose Blush review

I have tried to swatch four shades from this blush somehow the corner left came out right and rest two didn’t come out that great .You will see a better swatch ahead..(I do have a OCD of swatch now it needs to be exact otherwise I just don’t feel comfortable ). You are definitely going to see me wearing this in lot of my videos ahead.

Colorbar blush swatches review

Who it is for – I think this blush is definitely apt for medium and deeper skin tone..Lighter skin tone will find it too bright .I am talking about someone who is NC 35 or even below when it comes to light skin tone.


No. of Shades Available

Colorbar has launched two shades in it and the other shade is the coral one. There are high chances that I will be buying the coral shade. Coral one will definitely be great for summers and this one for all year around.


Price: Rs 1200 for 9.5gm. I do think its expensive but I am glad at least there is lot of quantity. Although I am pretty sure I will never be able to finish this up.

Luminious Rose Blush price

Packaging: Coming to the packaging, the products come in a sturdy packaging with a flap over it. It is easy to carry and you would not mind taking it along with you. Some people who have tried it told me that it gets patchy after application though I doubt it as I didn’t experience it myself.

Why You Should Buy Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush?

  • You get three different shades of pink in one blush
  • Texture of the blush is so soft and smooth
  • Highly pigmented in fact overly pigmented
  • Easily available online
  • Nice sturdy Packaging
  • Will suit most skin tone from lighter to dark
  • Quantity

Why You Should Not Buy Colorbar Luminous Rouge Blush?

  • Pigmentation might be a problem for you especially for beginners.Whenever I go overboard I just use my beauty blender and it just takes off the excess.
  • Expensive



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