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By Shreya,

Lush Facial Cleanser Review – Aqua marina

Lush Aquamarina facial cleanser must be nothing new for those who are Lush junkie.If you are fond of having sushi in your meals then you are going to like it on your face too lolz


Lush aquamarina cleanser revew

What Lush Cleanser Aquamarina claims –

“It may look like it was pulled from the ocean, but that’s only because it’s wrapped in seaweed! Nori seaweed to be specific, as it’s packed with nutrients for soft, healthy skin. We wrap it around the most calming ingredients we could think of including soothing calamine and aloe, making this one our favourite cleansers for the most sensitive and dry skin. Take a pea sized amount, mix with warm water and gently massage the milky mixture into your skin. A quick rinse and you’ll be clean, soft and soothed.

Ingredients of Lush Aquamarina

Glycerine, Calamine Powder, Kaolin, Irish Moss Infusion (Chondrus crispus), Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis), Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Nori Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus), Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus dulcis), Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Carrageenan, Perfume.”

Cost of Lush Aqua Marina  – 585  INR  for 100 gms


How I used the facial cleanser of Lush


Initially I use to mix the cleanser with water before applying it later on I found that by just breaking a small piece from the cleanser and rubbing it on face is much better an idea as it is less messy and save more product also.


Aqua Marina Lush Cleanser review +Lush Aqua Marina cleanser

  • Texture – It is a moist clay mask which s smooth therefore it wont do the exfoliation and like many Lush cleanser this too will not help in removing makeup.So only thing which you can use it for is to freshen up your face in the morning .No exfoliation and no removing  of makeup.
  • Effectiveness -Lush SA told me about its ability to clear off tan and yes it did help me in removing it off.It makes skin baby soft, doesn’t break me out and gives a temporary glow to my face.


lush aqua marina


What I liked about Lush Aquamarina cleanser

  • Suits sensitive skin and doesn’t break me out
  • Removes tan and reduces pigmentation marks
  • Makes my skin soft and smooth and doesn’t irritate my skin
  • It keep my skin oil free for a while
  • Product has a shelf life of 3  months which is good enough


What I do not like about Lush Aquamarina Cleanser


  • Being a cleanser it doesn’t help in removing off makeup
  • Messy in application
  • Seaweed looks gross

Will I recommend it to others – Yes, product will help in reducing pigmentation marks and clearing skin so do try it out atleast once.I find it even better than Lush angel on bare skin

 Have you tried Lush Aqua Marina?

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  1. I loooooooooooooooooove this cleanser Shreya..and I too realised about 2 mts back that its more convenient to rub it on directly on the face instead of mixing in the palm…..Its amazing na?

    • If idon’t use it with water, this entire jar lasts me about 4.5 months or so…For eg. I last got mine in Feb and now I have about 8-9 uses left… 🙂

      How long does it last u?

      • i use it some 2-3 times a day so i complete it with in 3 months but if used with water it doesnt stay with me for more than one and half months 😕

        • Ah! Thats y I guess..I use it only in the mornings..At night I use Angels on bare skin…Aqua Marina is amazing to keep oiliness at like a charm.. 🙂

  2. u know it looks so gross me like some fungus so i have never been able to buy it..i am using a cleanser and a exfoliator of lush..i will review it soooon :dance:

  3. its total 4 Necklace set in INR2499, what i saw on TV
    1. Green & Crystal Stone Necklace Set
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    4. Purple & White stone Pendant Set

    and deferentially i will pick this for my traditional sarree and suits…….love it :-))

  4. i got it below information from their site

    Product Description
    Royal & Classic Collection by Asian Pearls & Jewels.
    The Collection contents:
    Green & Crystal Stone Necklace Set
    Peacock Choker Set
    Floral Pendant Set
    Purple & White stone Pendant Set
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    This entire collection caters to one’s basic jewellery needs to be worn at functions where your presence is a must as these pieces are uniquely designed and yet can go with almost any colour and design of the attire.

  5. I wld perpetually be grossed out by the way this thing looks. But I have read so many good reviews of this that I am sold. Planning to get this as soon as Fresh Farmacy gets over 🙂

    • Hi’s Fresh Farmacy? I keep telling myself to check it out, but somehow I always pick up my usual cleansers and dont bother taking the risk with it ok for sensi skin?

      • @Anks: It is very long lasting – I got it a good 3 mnths ago & I still have 3/4ths left. I use it everyday in the morning. 😀

        @Zara: It is very good if you have oily skin prone to acne as it is mostly calamine & lavender. It mattifies my face & helps to calm down my red acne. I personally love it, and wld have bought it again… but all these reviews for aqua marina are making me itch to try it out 😀

        Avoid if you have dry skin it – it will dry it out further.

        • Thanx Tanveer! Gud to kno this..I hav combi skin but no acne…but i still wana try this out!! 😎 😎 😎 😎

          Yeps, Aqua marina is awesome..i’ve been using it since a year no and its always done my skin good.. :inlove: :inlove:

  6. so many lush products…i so want to try their hair care and skin care….but….lush counter is so far from my place…and i simply dont knw what to buy……….

    • Hi Doc..Gud Morning..

      Do try out something..If its too far from ur place, order online araam se..u wont have t step out only..

      Wrt what to get, there r sooooo many reviews on apne wale u can refer to YouTube zindabaad 🙂

      • hi zara and hi anamika…….thx fr tips…..order online….but fr that u need credit cards…right….and i dont own a single credit card as i dont believe in credit…..only cash….or debit card… thats my problem with online shopping…..

        • Haan Doc..I also dont have a CC…I also buy from sites which offer online transactions..and the lush wala site accept debit cards and online banking…do try it out..

            • wowwwwwwwwwwww…..they accept debit cards……great……..thx a lot zara and anamika…fr sharing this……now i can certainly get lush stuff……
              and their site seems to be under maintainance…even i have been trying to google thier products……but site doesnot open…..
              thanx again…. :fingersxd:

  7. and anamika…..i m still waiting for that essential oils wala post that u promised me……long back……… ?:-) ?:-)

  8. i know i got a lil bit late in commenting, but i came across this blog recently.. and i just got my lush aqua marina face cleanser. true to the review it doesnt remove make up but its really good at softening the skin!! i dont need any moisturizer after cleansing with this.
    Using it in morning after getting up 🙂


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