LUSH Coolaulin hair conditioner review

 This review is by my friend Harsha Jain.She is obsessed with beauty products and you can ask her about any herbal remedies, shampoos , lip balms and creams.She must have tried most of them.Harsha has a figure to die for and I envy her for that.Also, she has helped me on lot many topics of this blog.Its great to see her writing here and becoming a part of wiseshe:)
Here goes her review:)
I came to know about LUSH through one of my friends who was using its soap at that time. She told me that though the price of the soap was high, but it was made of natural ingredients and lasted long and liked it. So as like natural products with minimal chemicals I thought to give it a try. When I visited the shop there were number of products which attracted my attention and here are some of the products which I thought to review it for you .

About LUSH  Coolaulin hair conditioner:-

Coconut conditioner for dry, curly or processed hair. Our Coolaulin conditioner has a load of coconut milk and fresh coconut flesh to make dry, curly and processed hair soft and shiny. Exotic, Eastern essential oils of vetivert and benzoin gum calm irritated scalps. 

Price– Rs.410.00 

How I used it and what I liked about it

The ingredients like creamed coconut milk and lemon juice attracted me towards trying this product as coconut milk and lemon both are considered good for hair. And the second thing my hair is dry and curly , which the product claims to treat.

The product smells great.

I was thinking that texture of the conditioner must be creamy, but when I rubbed it in my palms it was slightly creamy but not as I was expecting it to be compared to the other conditioners that I used, even after applying the conditioner I didn’t found it that creamy which is generally required for dry and curly hair like mine.

I left it for 2-4 mins and the rinsed .

The result was the conditioning it promised for dry hair was not there. My  hair was left same with tangles, dry and frizzy and not so soft even after applying dollops of it and felt like I have not conditioned my hair.

Cons of the product - 

Though it claims to treat dry, processed and curly hair it hardly does.

Disappointing as conditioner for dry hair despite having coconut milk in it.

I personally do not recommend it for dry ,curly and processed hair instead if you are ready to pay such price then there are many good creamed conditioners available in the market.

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  1. Hey Harsha!! Good to see you here.Like you I also like trying new products..Infact I was thinking of buying this other day in Lush but thank God I saved my money..I have dry hair and after reading your review Its a complete No No for me..

  2. I have never used any Lush hair products but they are really tempting..But i really like their soap ranges…May be Harsha can recommend you a better shampoo for dry hair..:)

  3. Hiii.. Gunjan.. it is really nice to know that u liked my review as it is the very first time i am writing something. once again thanx a lot.

  4. hey Gunjan u can try aloe vera conditioning shampoo and conditioner from Fab India which are mild enough for daily use and keeps dry hair moisturised. i am going to review this product in the next few days……. or u can try honey conditioner from body shop which is creamy and makes ur hair soft and smooth.

  5. hi!I have used Coolaulin .I have basically wavy hair..its neither too dry nor too oily..The conditioner worked fine for me.Also about the shampoos..I have used quite a few.To staert with I used Karma solid one, also the Ultimate shine solid one, Then the New solid bar, Ans also the Gentle lentil which is from their Retro collection available online.out of these Gentle Lentil passed with flying colors as i dont like my shampoos to strip off all the oil…the rest were just ok..Apart from that I have used Jungle solid conditioner…Trust me..its amazing!!!!do try it folks!All in all I love Lush HG cleanser is Herbalism…have been addicted to it for 8 months now..its a saviour for my acne prone skin…aahhh!! thats a lot of reviews for a single time…but will keep you updated with whatever little I can…tc..


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