Lush Emotional Brilliance Motivation Eyeliner Review And Swatches


 Lush Emotional Brilliance

When our favourite organic brand comes out with a makeup line its reason to rejoice right?? Well after seeing Lush’s emotional brilliance line I would say a big NO ! Want to know why? Read on


Lush Emotional brilliance eyeliner motivation review+Lush emotional brilliance India


Emotional brilliance was marketed on the theory that the colours you choose reflects your mood and if you wear these colours it becomes some sort of colour therapy.At the store they had a spin the wheel kind of a thing which decides your state of mind by the colours you choose . I fell into the SA’s spiel about how good they eyeliners are an they are  multipurpose in the sense that they can be used anywhere on face !!! Imagine using blue anywhere else but in your eyes !


Lush Emotional Brilliance Motivation Eyeliner Ingredients:-

Lush emotional brilliance Motivation eyeliner Review and swatches+lush emotional brilliance



  •  Packaging: As you see the bottle is very cute. Its a cute glass dropper bottle which is pretty unique. But thats where the cuteness ends.The brush that comes along with it is absolutely useless . Its too short and the bristles splay and its impossible to set a neat line with this brush . I use the inglot eyeliner brush instead.


Lush Emotional brilliance eyeliner brush+lush emotional brilliance


  • Colour: Its a very pretty blue colour which reminds me slightly of MAC Siahi .The pigmenation is good and the colour looks lovely .


Lush Emotional Brilliance Motivation Eyeliner Swatches:-


Lush emotional brilliance Motivation eyeliner swatches+lush emotional brilliance



  • Staying power: Strictly ok. The eyeliner starts to fade after about 4 hours and this is not what I would expect at this price ! Grrr
  • The formula: the liner becomes thick and gloopy after about a month and in the store I have seen colours in which the formula splits!
  • Price.1300 inr


Lush emotional brilliance Motivation eyeliner blue Review and swatches


What I liked about  Lush Emotional Brilliance Motivation Eyeliner :-


  • Its made of natural ingredients
  • Pretty colour
  • Cute bottle


What I don’t like  Lush Emotional Brilliance Motivation Eyeliner :-


  • The price!!!
  • Formula turns thick and gloopy after a while
  • Horrible brush
  • Staying power is not very good


Will I repurchase? No way .. Infact I was hoping i could return this one!


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  1. Ummm..would we not buy a Mac eyeliner instead of something that does not last long and comes with that horrible brush..although I still love my Lush but makeup from them does not seem like a good option

  2. After getting inspired by Ana’s review on Lush Wiccy Magic Massage Bar….I had been to the Lush store here to pick it up….Wiccy Magic….has no magic ( 🙁 )…but the spicy fragrance is simply marvellous….
    Also tried the same eyeliner….I got the same sweet talk by the SA….good for sensitive skin and eyes….lookd grt on my eyes and well the staying power was pretty good….had it on for 5 hrs…The color is one of my fav…But i didnt buy it…..and good to get this review…

      • Hey Ana…no sorry etc here yaar….U never said it has magic…humour ko samjho dear….I had expected it to give a aaaaaaah kinda effect….well…and maybe the Moove wala warmth….warmth toh nahi hai but effect is there for sure …..i applied to my neck and back and had good sleep…so works well in relaxing muscles …though we may not feel it…and as i said….feel like smelling it all the time and even Hubby said I smell spicy!!!


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