Lush Enchanted Eye Cream Review


Lush Enchanted Eye Cream:-

I don’t have much of dark circles or wrinkles under my eyes but I do suffer from puffy eyes  problem every now and then. Also,  now when I am in my late 20’s I thought of investing in a good eye cream which will be soothing for my under  eye area and has anti aging properties.

I personally wanted to try Wunder eye cream but when I spotted Lush Enchanted I just went ahead and splurged on it.


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About Lush Enchanted Eye Cream:-


Gentle, soothing cream to minimize fine lines around the eyes. It’s perfect for night and day. It refreshes the area around the eyes and softly tightens the skin.. This eye cream gently rejuvenates and soothes without causing any trouble. With nutritious cold-pressed essential oils, Enchanted Eye Cream will keep your eyes looking fresh and bright. This product is very delicate and simple, with just the right amount of mild ingredients to help you keep the skin plumped and hydrated without puffiness or irritation.


Lush Enchanted Eye Cream Reviews and lush eye cream reviews




  • Prevents – Tags Eye cream, puffiness, anti aging, wrinkles
  • Best -For All Skin Type
  • How it works –  Lavender honey water, almond oil and jojoba oil are made into our lightest loosest emulsion, to give a very refreshing cream that sinks in easily without overloading the skin. This cold-pressed oil smoothes skin and its high vitamin E content is perfect for under eye area.
  • Key Ingredients -Lavender Honey Water, Organic Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Glycerine, Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil
  • Tips Use daily or as needed.


lUSH Enchanted eye cream ingredients+Lush enchanted eye cream ingredients



  • Packaging – It comes in a black pump bottle with a transparent cap on it.I love the packaging and wish every product packaging to be like that .It saves so much of product and its travel friendly too.
  • Texture – It’s not greasy and gets abosrobed with in seconds.Unlike other eye cream I was never hesistant or disinterested in incorporating it in my daily skin care routine.


How to use Lush Enchanted Eye Cream Review

Take a pearl sized drop and apply onto the eye area in light patting movements, using your fingertips. Avoid dragging the skin as this may result in the formulations of lines. Use in the morning and evening. Store in cool place and avoid direct exposure to the sun.


My Experience With Lush Enchanted Eye Cream:-

I love using it every day because of the cooling sensation it provides which helps in soothing the under eye area.I now keep the bottle in the fridge to get that extra chilling sensation in this hottest summer of India.It hides puffiness and the ingredients present  in the products are great but sadly it doesn’t do anything for dark circles neither it does it claims to.
Before buying the product I read on  makeupalley that it helped in reducing wrinkles after 3-5 months of usage but I as I don’t suffer from any of the problem I can not comment on it.Then, why the hell did I bought it.? All theLush addict will agree on this that buying lush product doesn’t  need a reason or logic.I just wanted to try  Lush eye cream which didn’t turned out any thing exceptional as I expected it to be.
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What I like about Lush Enchanted Eye Cream:-


  • Soothing cream which reduces puffiness
  • Hygienic  travel friendly packaging
  • Cold Pressed Almond oil and Glycerine keeps under eye area moisturized.
  • Will suit most sensitive skin.
  • One bottle will last for 6-7 months easily if used every day.


What I do not like about Lush Enchanted Eye Cream:-


  • Expensive indeed
  • Wont help in reducing dark circles.
  • I think  I wont find it interesting in winters.


Will I recommend t to others – I like the product because of its quality of soothing the under eye area and reducing puffiness but there are certainly better products in the market like Aroma magic eye cream and Wunder under eye cream.

Wise She Rating – 3/5


Have you tried Lush Enchanted Eye Cream? How was your experience like?


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  1. Good Morning A and Zee!! :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

    Fab!! this stuff has got everything except dark circles wahi toh meko main hai… :-((

    I have been using this Aroma magic under eye gel…n it worked 4 me..dark circles are diminishing and u der eye area has brightened up and smoth! 😀 :yes:

  2. am using aroma magic gel has reduced the tiredness and made it smoother..i don hav much dark circles so am not seeing a difference in that area..I guess no cream or gel helps in dark circles, however expensive it may be..:)

  3. I have never used any eye creams… i dont hav dark circles n wrinkles near my eye area….but thoda-thoda puffiness hota hai…..This 1 is too costly…..any suggestions…..for reducing pufiness…. 😮


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