Lush Happy Hippy Hair & Body Gel Review


Lush Shower Gels – Lush Happy Hippy Mellow Yellow Hair And Body Gel

Three week backs I went to Lush store as I desperately wanted to buy a shower gel.Why desperate? I am in my lush addict phase and no matter what, I want to try something new from the store every now and then.Those who are fond of lush will agree to me on this 😛

Why I picked Happy hippy shower gel – SA there was making me sniff many shower gels as I am fond of heavy citursy fragrance which energize me up and are long staying so  I kept sniffing to get what I wanted .So when I sniffed this I got that  instant kick which made my inside hippy dance 😛 and I asked him to bill the shower gel and make me a happy hippy 😀

lush happy hippy review+Lush happy hippy mellon yellow hair and body gel review

    • Price – Rs 340 for 100gms.I bought the small bottle though it is  available in three sizes of 250 gm and  500 gm .In 250 gm it was of 600 I believe and 500 gm may be  900.I am not sure as this product is not listed in Lush India website right now.
    • Packaging – It comes in a small see through plastic bottle with a flip open cap.
    • Consistency of the shower gel – It doesn’t have not very thick or thin consistency and small amount of shower gel is needed for one body wash.
    • Ingredients – Water(Aqua), Fresh pink grapefruit juice(citrus paradisi), Grapefruit water(citrus paradise), SLS, Sodium cocoamphoacetate, lauryl betaine, propylene glycol, grapefruit oil(citrus paradise).Bergamot oil(citrus aurantium bergamia).Frankincense oil(Bosewellia certerii), Lactic acid,Limonene perfume, Methylparabean (which occurs naturally in essential oil)
    • Colour of the gel – It’s of transparent pale yellow shade.
    • Available – In all lush store (I didn’t see it online)
    • Lather– I like shower gels which lathers heavily but this one is average in that respect but it’s going to suit most skin type.


lush happy hippy shower gel reviews

My experience with Lush Hippy mellon yellow hair and body gel


The product says that it is a “mellon yellow hair and body gel with freshly squeezed grapefuits “and I completely agree with description .I did try to use it on my hair and it did its job averagely but  consumed lot of product so I didn’t wash my hair again with it.As far as body wash is concerned it works amazingly.It doesn’t dry out my skin and neither does it leaves a thin film behind which many of us find gross.

I find the strong citrusy fragrance so kicking that I have stopped using my other body washes all together.It’s kind of mood enhancing and refreshing.Fragrance of this product lasts for half an hour or so and my whole bathroom smells of it after I am done with my bath.


lush happy hippy hai body gel reviews+Lush shower gel reviews

Who Should buy Lush Happy hippy hair and body gel – Those who like using strong citrusy fragrance product and needs that extra something to start off their day.Product is certainly pricey and will last for one and half month if carefully used.

  • If you like body washes which do not leaves a thin film behind and are not very thick or sticky.
  • It’s a great travel friendly product

Who shouldn’t buy lush Happy Hippy hair and body gel – Those who don’t like

  •  Heavy scented shower gels.



lush happy hippy hair and body gel+Lush grapefruit shower gel review

I simply loved using it 🙂

WiseShe Ratings:-

  • Effectiveness – 4/5
  • Price – 3/5
  • Lather – 3/5

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  1. Sounds really nice.. I keep getting conflicted when I am out to buy bath gels – I like citrusy, sharp scents but at the same time I also like tropical smells like coconut & vanilla. So when I am using the the citrus ones, I miss my tropical scents & vice-versa 😀


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