Lush Honey Bee Review


By Anuradha,

Lush Products – Lush Honey Bee Review

The more I use Lush products more I fall in love with them :).Lush Bath products and lush cosmetics are a kind of addiction which are hard to overcome.:D:D.So this time when I tried honey bee I almost fell in love with it.

Price  of Lush Honey bee is Rs 320

Lush Honey Bee Review

If I tell you the truth and I am not a bath fanatic I always like to go into the shower, quickly spend two minutes and come back. But since the time I got this lush honey bee, I have started spending more time under my shower :P.

Lush honey bee is very yellow in colour but some how my camera which is of ancient technology was not able to get the right colour.:P Lush honey bee in actually is a decent sized bomb which is of yellow colour and has sand like rings around it.

Fragrance of the product is simply divine and when I take bath from it, my whole bathroom gets filled with aroma of honey  and toffee.It just feels great!

Lush claims – For a soothing, cleansing soak. Honey Bee smells like caramel, much like Honey I wash the kids  and Soft Coeur massage bar do. Honey Bee holds its own special distinction, though; in addition to soothing honey, it has Moroccan rhassoul mud to deep cleanse and soften your skin. The world’s best spas offer honey or mud baths in their menus. Now, you can have both in one go, at roughly 1% of the cost.

Products smells yummy and leaves a faint yellow color behind.I feel quite relaxed after using it and, unlike some of lush products, it doesn’t leave yellow lines behind which one needs to go and clean.

It leaves my skin soft and feeling moisturized.I love to use it whenever I am having a bad day .

Will I re-purchase it – No, I will think of trying something else like I always do 🙂

Rating – 3.5/5

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  1. Always love it when you review lush! Yes its super annoying when something gets inished so fast..but i love honey scents…lets see will check it out in lush ..


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