Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Review


Lush ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ Soap-

Hello all…!

This is a review of a product from the very irresistible brand of LUSH handmade cosmetics. It is Lush ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ soap.

About Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap-

lush honey i washed the kids review

This soap consists of real Canadian honey and beeswax as main ingredients. It’s really a tough time to walk past a Lush store without laying your eyes upon the most popular and best selling honey soap of this brand. The sight of this soap is tempting enough for you to try it. Who doesn’t loves luxury and this soap is surely an item of luxury for all Lush lovers. The sweet caramel fragrance is surely leaves you drooling for this soap. The honey and aloe work wonders for your sensitive skin.

  • Price-Rs 486 for 100g
  • Shelf Life-About 18 months
  • IngredientsHoney water, Propylene glycol, Rapeseed oil, Coconut oil, SLS, Water, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Sweet wild orange oil, Bergamot oil, Aloe vera extract, Sodium chloride, Glycerine, EDTA, Tetrasodium etidronate, Gardenia extract, Titanium Dioxide, Benzyl benzoate, Limonene,
  • Directions to useSuitable to be used on hands and all over the body. For maximum longevity, keep LUSH soap in a well-drained soap dish (away from water) between uses. Get drenched with water in the shower and enjoy the soap’s fresh fragrance.
  • PackagingThis soap comes wrapped in a Lush plastic paper and then a slip which mentions the ingredients and specifications of the soap is pasted on the top of it.
  • Product Color & Texture-This soap is light creamy in color at the bottom and the top is composed of a dark orange honey comb layer.

The top layer seems a little hard and abrasive but the bottom is creamy and soft.

My experience with Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap:-

Well, I think Lush offers some real goodies when it comes to skincare products. They are exclusively made for those who believe in the powerful abilities of natural ingredients which have been bestowed on us.

This soap is a real pleasure when you tend to use it. The sweet vanilla-caramel fragrance stays with you for a good three hours and you always feel that your mood is uplifted with that fragrance. This soap lathers very well which may be due to the presence of SLS in it…

Being enriched with the properties of Aloe Vera and real Honey, this soap is extremely moisturizing, for which honey is popularly known, and doesn’t gives any kind of dryness while using this soap on your skin.

This soap doesn’t contain any animal fats or extracts which I think is the best part for me.

Only thing which I have experienced with this soap is that the upper layer of honeycomb is way too hard and feels a little harsh for the skin, while the other half is as creamy and soft as butter. So I initially just coped up with the hard layer but then afterwards I cut it and used only the soft vanilla part of this soap…

Mostly handmade soaps tend to melt very fast and this soap is no exception but for such a bath luxury even this price is not very much…

What I like about Lush ‘Honey I Washed the Kids’ Soap:-

  • Real Canadian honey and beeswax
  • Extraordinary fragrance
  • Moisturizing for the skin
  • Not tested on animals
  • It’s real luxury soap…!! J

What I don’t like about Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap-

  • Pricey for a soap which melts fast…!
  • Upper honeycomb layer is harsh & abrasive

Product Rating4.5/5

Would I recommend/repurchase?-

I would recommend it surely, as it is a real peace of glory for your skin. I swear I would not be able to stop myself from buying it again, the moment I see it…its so yummy and sweet smelling…

Have you tried Lush Honey I Washed The Kids?

P.S – Due to blogger to wordpress migration we lost the picture of the product 🙁

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