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This is my first review on Wise She and I am super duper excited, so much that I literally treated myself with a Cadbury. I will be reviewing a limited edition cleanser from Lush which was released this past Christmas-New year.

Lush Let The Good Times Role Review+face cleanser


Popcorn for skincare? Really? That was my exact reaction when I saw this cleanser. There were tiny bits of popcorn in the cleanser and wondered how is popcorn going to help my skin. That is when the SA told me that the main ingredient in this cleanser is Polenta. Polenta is a famous Italian dish which is made from corn meal. (Any fans of the Italian chef David Rocco here??) One whiff of these gorgeous yellow grains & I was hit by a sweet smell, quite subtle and not at all over powering.

Lush Let The Good Times Role Review product inside+skin cleanser

There is no mention of this product on the Lush India website hence some info from the Lush UK website:

A Maize In, gentle facial wash

We popped corn oil, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon in here. The perfect recipe to gently exfoliate, moisturize and soften your skin for those times when you want to get ready for close-ups.

Let The Good Times Roll is a gentle treat for the skin, leaving you soft to the touch with a lingering buttery caramel popcorn fragrance – when you look and feel this good you can give your Body Double the day off!

Quantitative Ingredients

Maize Flour, Glycerin, Talc, Water, Corn Oil, Polenta, Fair Trade Organic Cinnamon Powder, Perfume, Gardenia Extract, Popcorn

Lush Let The Good Times Role Review ingredients+best face cleanser

It is suppose to be- Let The Good Times ‘Roll’ but I have no idea why is it ‘Role’ on my tub. The ingredients are also different.  The ingredients from the website were on the info card which was placed near the tester but when I bought the product, some other ingredients were on cleanser tub. The SA explained that these are the actually list of ingredients.

Lush Let The Good Times Role Review cleanser+best face cleansers

My Experience with Lush Let The Good Times Role :

It has to be used just like other Lush cleansers. Take a pea size amount, mix it with little water to make a paste and the cleanser is ready for use. My skin type is combination to oily. The first time when I used it, it felt as if I was rubbing sand on my face but it didn’t feel that harsh. I massage it on my face for a minute or two and wash it off with cold water. Post exfoliation the skin felt extremely soft but little greasy (due to the many oils in it maybe) which was a complete no-no for me. The dry skin girls would love this.

Lush Let The Good Times Role Review hand swatch+face cleansers

What I Liked About Lush Let The Good Times Role :-

  • Smells amazing
  • Cheaper than the other lush cleansers
  • Quite moisturizing for dry skin
  • Will last for a long time

What I Didn’t Like About Lush Let The Good Times Role :-

  • Limited Edition
  • Will not suit combination & oily skin as it leaves a greasy layer on skin
  • Grains would prove quite harsh for sensitive skin

Price : Rs 500 for 100gms

Expiry:  4 months from date of manufacture

Rating: 3/5

 Have you tried Lush Let The Good Time Role ?

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  1. Nice review. Detailed. Does it really smell like popcorn? Apart from the smell I think I would love it for my dry skin 🙂 Coming to Italian food and David Rocco, I love both of them!

    • It doesn’t smell anything like popcorn.. I love Italian food too.. It would surely suit dry skin.. Mine is combination-oily so didn’t like the greasy layer it left..!!


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