Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Mask Review


Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Mask

Hey, beautiful ladies!

Do you love sandwiches? I am sure you do! Then you must have eaten a lettuce leaf. But what if I tell you to apply one on your face? Well, that is what I exactly did when I applied this face mask. Wondering why? Well, simply because this is the Lush Love Lettuce face mask. Yes, I am again back with a Lush product review. Guess my love for this brand is turning to obsession. But what can be done if a company has such great and natural skin care products? I am super excited to review this for you guys as I really loved the product a lot. If you want to know why then please do scroll down!

Lush Love Lettuce Face mask review

According to the brand, Love Lettuce is an effective, exfoliating face mask that gives normal-oily skin a radiant glow. With all the natural ingredients, this face mask polishes softens, soothes and tightens the skin. It also gives a brightening effect to the skin, which we all desire.

Now, I feel the claims made by the brand are perfect. I mean it really does what it claims to do. And surely I am not exaggerating.

This face mask is actually meant for oily skin but it didn’t make my skin dry, in spite of having normal to dry skin. I generally keep it on for 15 minutes and I have never experienced any rigid tightening.

It provides an intensive exfoliation due to the presence of Almond particles, which I feel is too much for people with sensitive skin. I will rightly advise you not to scrub this face mask rigorously. But for others, whose skin don’t mind deep exfoliation, this is the perfect exfoliating mask for you. 

The principle ingredients present include Fuller’s earth, Agar Agar, Honey, Glycerin, Kaolin, Almond oil, Almond particles, lavender oil among others that surely benefit the skin to a great extent.

Remember, our mothers used to prepare multani mitti ubtan with honey and oil? Well. this one is just like that but in a more convenient and effective way!

Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask open

Packaging is really simple like all other Lush products – in a black tub. Information along with price and shelf life is clearly mentioned at the bottom. I feel the packaging is really simple but nice.

One thing that I feel like telling the world about is the shell life. It expires after 21 days or 3 weeks after manufacturing. This is because it is all natural and has no chemicals in it. Surely, we won’t be guilty after applying this baby.

Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask ingredients

Whenever I apply this face mask, it cleans out all my pores leaving my skin all fresh and rejuvenated. I applied this face pack every alternate day as it was nearing its expiry and I  I really wish I had more time to use it!

This face pack is green in colour and has a very leafy, vegetable like smell which I feel is really not my type. Still, I don’t mind that smell as long as the product is doing good to my skin.

The consistency is medium to thick as whenever I apply this face pack, there is no dripping which for me is a big pro! I hate my face pack dripping out. The texture is really grainy and for me, it serves well as a scrubber too as it really helps in scrubbing my face other than brightening it.

One thing that I will suggest about this face pack is that it should be kept in a refrigerator and used within the expiry. Natural products without any chemical tend to rot quickly and you surely don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, right?

Lush Love Lettuce face pack has surely impressed me a lot. I really suggest everyone to try it out if you can avail it. It is really worth every penny you pay for. It really does good to your skin and makes it look softer and younger. A face mask is really essential in our skin care routine and when it is as natural as Lush Love Lettuce, who can say no?



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