Lush Moisturizer Skin Drink Review


Lush Skin Drink Moisturiser

A month back my skin was feeling extremely dry and no moisturizer was making me feel satisfied. My skin was getting dry day by day because of the medication which I am currently on. I used to feel dry especially on the corner of the nose and even after applying a moisturiser  2-3 times a day it was not helping me out.

During one of my visits at Lush counter I came across Lush Skin Drink Re-Hydrarting moisturiser which SA was going ga ga over it. She showed me how it gets absorbed into my skin without making me feel greasy and I bought it immediately 🙂


  • Price – INR 1080 for 45gm
  • Available – At all Lush Stores and online


SKIN DRINK MOISTURIZER+Lush skin drink moisturiser reviews



Ingredients :-


Lush skin drink re -hydrating moisturiser ingredients dry skin reviews,


1/4 of the pot is sesame oil

Rich moisturizer for parched skin. This is our rich, thick cream to turn rough, dry skin into soft, supple skin for as long as you continue to use it. A delicious blend of sesame, almond and evening primrose oils to moisturise, organic avocado to soften and calming rose oil, all mixed up in soothing aloe vera.

Has the highest percentage of fruit of our moisturizers.

We blend lots of avocados into each batch of Skin Drink because it’s one of the most effective treatments for dry areas.


How To Use The Moisturiser - Put a dab on your fingertip and pat gently onto clean, slightly damp skin. A little bit goes a long way. Can be used in the morning after toning and in the evening after cleansing and toning. If you are traveling, we suggest that you check the lid for tightness and then place it in a ziplock bag so that you don’t end up moisturizing your luggage 😀


My Experience with Lush Moisturizer Skin Drink


Initially I was finding the product expensive as it is just a small pot which I thought will get finished with in a month but  when SA showed how a small amount moisturizes the skin, I thought it will last more. When I started trying it out, my dryness problem still persisted and I was disappointed with it. Few days later I used little more quality then what SA told me and waited for my skin to soak it for a minute .Voila! My skin felt moisturised and dryness was gone. Since then I have been using the moisturiser twice a day and my skin is loving it.


Although I used the product more than what the SA told me but you can see there is still quite a lot of product left and I guess it’s going to last one and half month more. One thing which disgusts me about this moisturiser is the fragrance which is medicinal and strong. I just some how manage to bear it and if you have a sensitive nose please do sniff it before buying it.

Also, it does make my skin feel little greasy for a minute or so which I find somewhat annoying .

lush dry skin moisturiser review skin drink+Lush facial skin moisturiser reviews


 What More I wished In Lush Skin Drink Moisturiser 


  • No Spf
  • Pot packaging
  • It’s not travel friendly
Will I recommend it to others – Definitely, It has richness of  sesame and almond oil which keeps my skin soft and supple. It brings slight glow to face and didn’t break me out although it does have parabens in it. If you have combination dry skin then I guess it will solve lot of your winter skin care problem 🙂
As far as pricing is concerned I don’t find it expensive because one pot lasts for three months which makes INR 350 per month.
Wise She Rating:-
  • Moisturising – 4/5
  • Fragrance– 2/5
  • Price Vs Quality –4/5
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  1. Sounds great! And lush website’s description is always enticing, but I have forever cringed away at the thought of shelling out so much for so little! And propylene glycol? a strict no-no after paying so much! 🙁

  2. Looks seriously damn good! I am eyeing their facial masks since a long time, will buy this time ! Can anyone suggest me a Lush mask for face , I have normal to dry skin!

  3. Mekko ko bhi chahiye :-)) waise I don’t like the smell of sesame seeds in general but I can always mix it with something and use it :dance-leftright:

  4. lush products are expensive but very very effective 🙂 I like them allot and they are justifiable when their usage spans for a long period of time that thought/assumed 🙂

    will check it out on my next visit Anamika 🙂

  5. lush generally delivers what it promises….but the price and fragrance are deterrents!! i finished off my coconut and vanilla shampoo for curly hair and my hair smelled like coconut for 4-5 hours after shampoo 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


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