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I like using different soaps and the more interesting they are, the better. For the latter part of the year, I was using up my L’occitane shower gels and picked up tons of Soulflower soaps as well. They all finally got over lats December right about the time when Lush released their Xmas collection. I didn’t like the other stuff too much and picked up the North Pole soap based sheerly on the fragrance. Let’s see how it fared…



About Lush North Pole

A spectacular seasonal soap with the scent of sticky, chewy cocoa absolute and peppermint in the pink part and the refreshing oils of cedarwood and cypress in the white. It’s a brilliant balance of stimulating, refreshing lathers, with just a hint of luxurious, indulgent sweetness.

  • Quantity & Price: 100gms for 380 INR
  • Ingredients:
    • Cocoa absolute: Inspired by chocolate covered ‘Peppermint Bark’, we chose cocoa absolute to give this perfume a chocolate fragrance.
    • Candy Cane: If you liked Candy Cane soap last year, you’ll love this one
    • Scent surprise!: With two different scents and colors, we can’t guarantee which one you’ll receive.


    • Lush North Pole Soap Review


  • Appearance – Lush North Pole is a white and pink soap and more or less looks like a large platter of vanilla icecream topped with strawberry icecream. I only picked up 100gms and the SA was able to cut me a top layer of the pink.. 🙁
  • Fragrance – It smells quite minty…The SA had told me it would smell more chocolatey but I suppose that may have been the white layer below. The pink part smells more minty and a tad bit buttery and it lasts about 30mins or so.

My Verdict:

I found this to be a very average soap.  It doesn’t lather much, nor is it very creamy. Those attributes may be of the white section of the soap in which case I think the shape should have been such that the SA should have been able to cut of the white part as well.

Lush North Pole Soap Review + lush soap review

The fragrance is lovely..The minty fragrance is truly refreshing and perks me up as well. This soap doesn’t melt fast either but is a bit on the harder side too.


Wrt the effects, it didn’t really do anything for my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin…but nor does it moisturize…My Husband was quite bewildered as to why I was using a soap which did nothing and using it was akin to bruising onself..hehe…ofcourse I fought with him and told him he didn’t know how to use it…whereas actually my ego didn’t allow me to voice my thoughts that I had bought a bar of soap for almost 400bucks and hence felt a compulsion to use it.

Lush North Pole Soap Review + lush the north pole

But it doesn’t do anything girls..honestly..not even if you stare at it angrily and will it to do SOMETHING other than smell nice…It doesn’t listen..believe me..I’ve tried 😉 Thank God it’s a LE product…


What I like about Lush North Pole :

  • The smell…

What I don’t like about Lush North Pole :

  • Everything else… it does nothing!!


Ratings: 1/5 (and the 1 is only for the fragrance)


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  1. oh my! :inlove: If i ever visit a Lush store, I’ll make sure i go on a full stomach… or I’ll be compelled to take a bite of everything! :eat: Good thing the soap looks good. Else, it wud have made u feel even worse na?


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