Lush Porridge Soap Review – Oatmeal soap any one?


By Neha,

Lush Soap  and cosmetics – I would like to share my views on one of my favorite lush product Lush Porridge, which  is suitable for sensitive skin to normal skin.

Lush Porridge when comes into contact with water turns itself into  a milky solution  which helps in softening the skin 🙂

Price of Lush Porridge soap is Rs 320 for 100gm and Rs 640 for 200gm

Lush Porridge Soap Review

What the product claims – Start the day the Goldilocks way with a helping or three of porridge oats. Ideal for sensitive skin; irresistible to everyone else. Oats are soothing for the skin, while orange juice is refreshing. Rise and shine with some delicious porridge.


This is my second purchase of the product.I generally buy it in larger size and cut it down into small sizes which makes it  manageable because this soaps melts like anything.Oatmeal present in the soap acts as a great scrub and removes away all the dead skin and dry patches too.This soap has made scrubbing so easy and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean 🙂

I was initially hesitant of using this soap as it looked very harsh to me but when I used it I found it quiet good.Soap doesn’t lather much but it gives a milky lather which I am completely in love with.

As far as fragrance is concerned it has citrus and milky combination fragrance which I find hard to describe.

Lush Porridge is a soap which is one of my favorites from Lush and I will give :yes::yes::yes::yes:: thumbs up  out of five.

Which Lush Soap is  your Favorite?




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