Lush Respect Your Elders-Soap Review


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Bathing Bar is one of the most essential beauty product we introduced to. Market is loaded with tons of  bathing bars and products and it really becomes a tough choice to choose best for yourself. I love Lush cosmetics and they are very well known for their awesome performance. During my visit to Hong Kong, I have got some handpicked Lush products as you seen all of them in my Lush haul Hong Kong. Today’s review is all about Lush Respect Your Elders-Soap. Let’s see, how it fared for me so far.


Product Info:

Elderberries, elderflower infusion and olibanum oil create a magically fruity spell for warding off dirt and grime. Each inky purple slice lathers beautifully into a rich, creamy foam and leaves skin gorgeously scented and feeling silky soft. Don’t be fooled by its dark, moody color—Respect Your Elders has a light and fresh scent that you’ll enjoy throughout the day.

How to use:

Lather up then rinse clean!

Price- USD 6.95 or INR 450 (approx)


My Experience with Lush Respect Your Elders-Soap


It comes in white carton box with lush signature mark. All the necessary info about this soap is available on the internet as I didn’t find it on the outer packaging. The most amazing thing about the packaging is, it comes in the outer packaging with white pompom which I absolutely adore.

                                                                    After Usage

 Fragrance and Texture:-

The smell is really mild but not familiar, like other regular soaps. It will not bother the sensitive noses at all. Basically, it’s a deep smokyplum colour soap which has a tiny elderberry granule meant for mild exfoliation.


I was quite excited to try out this soap. I have used tonnes of handmade soap so far and I really crave for Lush products as they are not available in India.

The best thing about this soap is that it lathers pretty well and the slightly grainy texture makes it perfect for mild exfoliation. This soap doesn’t dry out my skin and I have started using it in last winters. It’s always a great experience with handmade soap and same goes with this soap. I use it almost daily and I really felt my skin more moisturise and soft. Totally worth a try!

What I Like about Lush Respect Your Elders-Soap

  • Smells heavenly
  • Looks delicious  (I can’t eat though :P)
  • Great texture
  • Lathers well
  • Huge quantity for the price
  • Made with all the herbals ingredients
  • Amazing bath experience
  • Moisturising
  • Vegan
  • Doesn’t melt fast unlike the other soaps and 1 soap lasts for almost 3 months! yay 🙂


What I Dislike about Lush Respect Your Elders-Soap

  • Not available in India.


Final Verdict- I really love the soap and ofcourse it’s creative name. Most of the Lush products are true to their claims and this is one of them.

Rating- 4/5


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