Lush RO’s Argan Body Conditioner Which I don’t Use As A Body Conditioner


Lush RO’s Argan Body Conditioner

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Another Lush product review from my end. I know, I am really bombarding you with a lot of Lush products but before I lose my enthusiasm, I want to review them all. I really hope Lush comes to India with all their products and goodness and who knows my dream can come true very soon. We all can use the pure natural products from Lush and derive their goodness for our skin. This post is about Lush Body conditioner and by the title, I hope you already know that I don’t use it at all as my body conditioner. Scroll down and read why I am saying like that.

P.S: I have already reviewed the Lush Body lotion which I absolutely loved.  Do check that out too.

Lush Body conditioner review

About Lush RO’s Argan Body Conditioner

According to the company, the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush is enriched with Argan oil, butter with a smell of roses which makes skin plumped up and gorgeous. If applied regularly, it has anti-ageing properties and essential fatty acids that make skin soft, smooth and radiant.

It is to be used like any hair conditioner – take into the bath, massage over wet skin and rinse off. This body conditioner will deep penetrate into the skin making it soft and supple.

The principle ingredients Argan Oil, Brazil Nut, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Almond oil help the body conditioner to be one of the best-formulated products of Lush.

Lush Body Conditioner ingredients

The packaging of this product is just like any other Lush product – in a black pot or tub. Some people may have an issue with this unhygienic tub packaging but I don’t mind it as long as the product works perfectly fine for my skin. All the information along with a detailed ingredient list is there on the packaging which is a big pro for me.

The shell life is very normal in terms of other lush products but very small in terms of normal brands. I really have a mixed feeling about this aspect. On one hand, I feel, the small shell life gives proof of the freshness of the product while I can’t use it for long which is a big con for me.

Lush body conditioner open

The product is beige in colour and very buttery in texture. The consistency is on the runny side which makes it very easy to glide on. It just makes my skin so baby-smooth that I feel like touching it again and again.

Why I don’t use it as Body Conditioner?

But I don’t use it as a body conditioner now! Once I used it for shaving and trust me, it was so smooth and easy to work on that I have just fallen in love with this product for my shaving purpose. But as this is a 45 gms tub, it doesn’t last long. I don’t feel any sort of dryness after shaving and makes my skin look polished and as if just returned from a parlour.

I literally save every bit of this product now for my shaving purpose as I feel this is apt for that purpose. No rashes, no redness, no dryness – what else can you think about?

I love Lush products and I am so obsessed with them. These products make me happy. I definitely recommend trying these products to all my readers and I really hope Lush comes to India (I know I am saying this for the second time, but I really hope for it).

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