Lush Sleepy Body Lotion Review India


Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Holla peeps!

If you are excited to see Lush here thinking it has been launched in India again then sorry to disappoint you ..I got Lush from my trip to Hongkong. I saw a full set of Lush products at 50% discount. And what else can you expect from an Indian woman? Discount, favourite product and Lush – I bought the whole set right away!  😀 And look what I got as a free gift? A 45 gms Body lotion tub along with my full purchase. I am so so excited to review this one for you guys! Lush lush.. :rock-n-roll:

Lush sleepy body lotion review

Lush is my favourite brand and I can literally smell a Lush shop 200 m away. That essential oils and fresh face masks just calls out to me.

About Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush Sleepy body lotion has a very nerve calming fragrance which is very hard to describe in words. But the moment I sniff it, the smell is so calming and mild that it settles me down.

This body lotion has a pretty good shelf life of an year if I compare it with other lush products but I am almost going to finish this soon.It’s a small tub and I have a big appetite for lovely body lotions like this.

Packaging of the product is pretty simple. It has a normal tub packaging that is black in colour. The necessary information is written at the back which makes it easy to use. Being a hygiene freak, I have a little problem with the tub packaging and would have preferred a tube packaging instead. Other than that, I really don’t find any con in the packaging department.

Lush sleepy body lotion review

The texture of the lotion is really lightweight and melts into the skin like magic. It has this amazing consistency that is neither too runny nor too thick. You can simply use this product after your shower and trust me, you will have soft, smooth and hydrated skin.

Lush sleepy body lotion ingredients

My Experience with Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

This light, milky purple colour lotion glides beautifully on the skin. And do you know what I mean by the term “beautifully”? It is like how Peanut butter glides on a hit toasted bread! Guess I am hungry. :blush:

I really want Lush to come to India and make their products available here. I am really sad that after I finish this, I won’t be able to find another one. I am so in love with this product as it has made my skin so soft and supple and I literally feel the happiness while using it.

I really recommend this product to everyone who can put their hands on it. If you try this product out, I am sure you will love it. Soft, smooth and hydrated skin is a dream for every girl and when you get it in a body lotion then why not?  🙂


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