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Hi All,

Of late, I’ve been suffering from headaches…terrible terrible headaches which don’t seem to want to give me a break. Hence, for the longest time, I had my eye on the massage bar A reviewed a while back. Once I got into the store, I asked the SA to pack one for me and since we’re on friendly terms I happened to mention my headaches. She then asked me to try out Lush Snake Oil…I must have had a horrified look on my face because she started laughing and began to explain that no, it didn’t REALLY have snake oil..hehe..



lush snake oil review


She also explained that while the massage bars are more effective for relieving aches and pains, Snake oil would be more effective for headaches. Reason being that it contains Lavender, peppermint, tea tree oil, etc all of which work to relax and rejuvenate the senses. It’s also supposed to be gr8 for dandruff…So I picked up 2 for me and one for my bro who was suffering from a bout of dandruff.


About Lush Snake Oil

Tea Tree, lavender and peppermint scalp Massage Bar.  Snake Oil treats dandruff and it smells like it means business. Melt it on to your fingertips, then massage it right into your scalp. Leave the lavender, tea tree and peppermint essential oils to do their work for twenty minutes or so, and then wash it off with Soak and Float shampoo. Dandruff is caused by many things, including yeast-like microbes, and made worse by stress. Tea tree kills off the offending microbes and natural butters soften the scalp to nurse it back into shape. Use it regularly until you’re fixed.

  • Cost: 530 INR

lush snake oil review+ hair oil

My experience with Lush Snake Oil

This comes in a bar form which the SAs pack in their normal wrapping paper. I’d suggest storing this in a tin container especially in summers because this melts easily. It smells more like lavender and cloves…I didn’t see cloves mentioned in the ingredient list but then it does contain essential oils so I presume clove oil may be one of them. I just hold the bar in my hands and it starts melting almost immediately. If you like, you can also cut off a tiny bit, melt it and then massage it into your scalp. I’ve used it both ways but somehow prefer it sans melting….The fragrance seems more relaxing this way.


Does it help with Dandruff?? Yes, but only if you have a mild case of it. Those with chronic dandruff may find that the dandruff returns within a couple of days again.



lush snake oil review+ lush


Did it help with my headache?? Well…not really…what I assumed was a headache was actually the beginning for a set of migraines…so while this this help relax my throbbing head and ease the pain for a short while, it did not help in banishing away the migraine in totality. But then, I didn’t expect it to after knowing that it was a migraine instead of a headache. But judging from the fact that it helped relax me and gave me momentary respite from my migraine, I’d say it’s def worth a try!


Wrt hair texture, this made my mane a tiny bit softer…but not darker or lush like one would expect from a normal hair oil.


lush snake oil review+ lush review


This is obviously a luxury product. Most may prefer an amla or herbal oil for their hair and may find this too pricey. But yes..for those who want a bit of pampering and luxury, then I’d say go for it!!


What I like about Lush Snake Oil:

  • Fragrance is so relaxing
  • Gave me a minor respite from my migraine so I feel it would surely help in cases of headaches
  • Helps get rid of minor dandruff
  • Lush doesn’t test on animals.


What I don’t like about Lush Snake Oil:

  • Doesn’t help reduce frizz or anything
  • expensive for a hair oil
  • Not a permanent cure for chronic dandruff


Ratings: 4/5


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  1. zeeeeeee thanks a lot..dis is so timely review….my headaches r giving me sleepless nites uspe offc pressure…me need dis in my lyf :hug-makeup:

  2. nice review Zee.
    But Rs. 530 for a soap!!! I think I’m getting headache hearing this Lolzzz 😀

    hey Zee, have you opened yr FB page yet??
    Or could you pls send me yr mail id? U can take mine frm Ana.

    • Thanks dis is a hair oil…ot a soap 😉 and yea it’s pricey..but a true luxury product and a feast for the senses 😉

      N I’ve mAiled u dear..u. Can reply on that 😉

  3. Nothing helps my migraine headaches :-(( :-(( …its awful really..I don’t think this will work for me at all but sounds like such a nice product..the name is intresting

  4. A bar turning into oil ! Wow now thats innovation ! And i suffer from terrible migraines myself and all that follows a migraine and its such an obnoxious feel.

  5. I was taking my migraine meds when i get one..but when i went to derma for my blemishes she said these migraine meds have steroids and they can cause hyper pigmentation and that i need to take paracetammol when i get will take a lil longer to subside but atleast my skin wil be safe..thats a long story shirt 😀

  6. hi guys

    i know i hate headaches too, and sitting in front of computer all day, office stress only make matters worse

    if this bar seems like indulgence and u want a cheaper cure try a mix of rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus oil . mix it at 1:1:1 proportion and dilute using some oil, use this on pulse points , like temples, behind the ear , a few drops on the pillow, this has so far worked well on my headaches. and tho buying essential oils is not cheap, they last a long time and are more value for money…


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