Lush Snow Cake Soap Review


Lush Snow Cake Review

Almond has always played significant role in our beauty regime. There was a time when I ended up using almond in almost every beauty related recipe be it a face scrub or face pack because of few idiotic reason 😛

And when you come across a soap which actually makes you feel like having almond bath then what will your reaction be? Shout out loud in extreme happiness or just bless the company for introducing such a product. Well! I did both the things 😀

lush snow cake

Snowcake – Indeed a Lush classic and a bestseller as well. A slice of Snowcake smells just like the irresistible almond marzipan on the Christmas cake. Lather up with gorgeous rose absolute, that soothes dry and stressed skin, and berry scented Cassie absolute. This year’s design is an impressive gold covered wheel – so every slice will get a lustrous, golden topping! Vegan.

  • Price -  Rs 345 for 100 gm
  • Ingredients :-Water, Propylene Gzycol, Sodium Palmkernelate, Perfume, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Titanium Dioxide, Benzoin Resionid Ingredients.


Lush snow cake soap christmas Lush+Lush almond soap snow cake reviews

My Experience with Lush Snow Flake :-

First of all its moisturizing and doesn’t make my skin feel dry and leaves it soft and pampered. This is one soap from lush which every dry skin person is going to cherish the most .

Fragrance of the soap is exactly like of almond pastry and gives that adorable luxurious feeling which I truly love. It lathers decently well (but not amazingly well) and I feel as if I am taking kind of cream bath. Only problem is that it melts like crazy so I will advise you to cut it into pieces with a knife and use it miserly .That way it might last for a month otherwise you won’t be able to find a trace of it after twenty days or so.

Soap has this yellowish layer on its one side which felt the same and after 3-4 use it melted down.


Lush Snow Cake soap reviews+Lush almond soap reviews+lush soap for dry skin

What I like about Lush Snow Flake :-


  • Apt for dry to combination skin and even oily skin will enjoy it .
  • Creamy and lathers well
  • Amazing almond fragrance which albeit is not long lasting.
  • Doesn’t leave any soapy feeling behind and makes skin feel thoroughly clean

What I do not like about Lush Snow Flake :-

I wish it could stay with me more .

Have you tried Lush Snow Cake Soap?

Wise She Rating :-

  • Fragrance 5/5
  • Moisturising – 4/5
  • Lather -3/5
  • Cleansing ability – 5/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 5/5


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Product sent by brand for consideration but it has not affected my review


  1. Wow! this is that good? i thought the fragrance wud be too sweetish but ur description makes me wala gobble it up 🙂 how long does the smell last?


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