Lush Soak and Float Solid Shampoo Bar Review


Lush Hair Care Products – Lush Soak And Float Solid Shampoo hair Bar

Post by Shreya,

Few months back I went for hot oil hair treatment and the woman who was doing it told me how my hair is full of dandruff and full of flakes. Severe dandruff led to hair fall and after trying many many products and losing faith in them, I moved to the Lush store where SA suggested me Lush Soak and float solid shampoo and assured me of quick results.

As all lush products are made from natural and fair trade ingredients, I purchased it to get rid of dandruff problem.


What Lush hair care product claims –


We use it in our Soak and Float solid shampoo bar for its antimicrobial effect. Soak and Float can help alleviate the symptoms associated with dry scalps.


How I used the Lush Soak  product


I wet the bar slightly and dampen my hair . I applied it on my whole scalp and rubbed especially on the area where I noticed more flakes.Initially, the product doesn’t lather much but after a while it does.

Price Rs 500-600 – I don’t remember the exact price and their site is under maintenance I believe.


Soak and Float Solid Shampoo by LUSH Review

Product has this strong fragrance which is not pleasant. It’s more like of camphor but after one or two washes I got used to it. I  kept the product in safe dry area so that it doesn’t melt away and this way it lasted about a month with me.
My dandruff is now 1/4th of what I had before. I do see some flakes around which I think will go away after I buy and use this soap again. My hair fall has also reduced with it and it keeps my hair are smooth and well moisturized. I did use a conditioner after using this shampoo bar otherwise my hair looked frizzy.

Lush soak and float solid shampoo review

My hair has got the same shine back which it had before the dandruff  after a month. Product does take little time in showing improvement and won’t cure dandruff problem completely but will surely lessen it .


Lush soak and float solid hair shampoo bar


Will I recommend it to others – It has very strong camphor fragrance which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you can bear with it then it is surely going to work for you .

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  1. u can try biotique’s margosa shampoo…i was suffering from a lot of dandruff…n this helped to clean my hair without drying…i have curly dry hair with oily scalp n it worked pretty nyc


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