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Dear Wise She, for a long time, I was really enamored of Lush. I mean, they could do no wrong. Angels on Bare Face made me sing songs, Herbalism was my salve from the Gods, and Mask of Magnaminty was my manna from heaven. I washed my hair with Cynthia Sylvia Stout, because it made my hair super strong.

Then, one day, came the Sugar Scrub.

And I was happy to use it. Till I realized I could jolly well make it and it was a total loss.


Lush Sugar Scrub Reviews+sugar scrub reviews


And it would not get ruined like it did, too.

  • Quantity: 100 gm. 
  • Price: INR 350/-

Lush Sugar scrub is one of the products that I received recently with my Vellvette box. I immediately pounced upon it, because it was the huge 100 gm. size thing that came into my eyes first. I read the instructions.



Lush Sugar Scrub Reviews how to use+sugar scrub reviews


The ingredient list is very clearly written on the top of the scrub. The first three things, Sugar, Cooking Soda and Cream of Tartar were available around my house. Surprisingly, fresh fennel seeds (saunf) and ginger paste was, too. Lavender oil as well.

So basically, I was stuck with a green gob of sugar.

The first day, I broke off a piece. To break it, I needed a small mallet or something heavy. The thing felt like rock sugar, and it was quite harsh on my skin, and I had to rub my hands and elbow a lot to get it done. I liked this part. Also, it had a nice lavender and sugar smell which stayed for about 10-15 minutes after bath. I had to immediately use moisturizer afterwards, because it was quite drying.


sugar scrub lush+lush sugar scrub reviews


The trouble started on the second day of keeping this in my bathroom. I saw a long row of red ants marching towards my scrub, breaking off precious bits, and carrying it back. I was surprised and petrified. The ants ate, ate and ate. Not even one of them fell sick. I took the scrub and put it in the freezer.

The next day, I found that some of the scrub had melted, because I put it in the freezer where it had attracted a lot of moisture.

Well, needless to say, I don’t think this scrub is for me.

I will stick to making my own.


Pros:Lush Sugar Scrub :-


  • Nice color
  • Nice smell
  • Cleans my skin
  • Simple list of ingredients


Cons:Lush Sugar Scrub :-


  • Very drying
  • Storing it is difficult
  • Melts easily
  • Contains SLS

Verdict: 2/5I am not going to buy it. Sorry.

 Have you tried Lush Sugar Scrub?


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  1. i do think lush is churning out duds now!ormaybe my skin doesn’t like natural stuff.. who knows..there was alush store in my area and i just shut down out of the blue!same thing happ to inglot too…

  2. Ayyo..a dud ! I like those bath powders you get in ayurvedic shops..they make for excellent scrub and good for skin too…but my god 350 for body scrub that wont even last for more than a month is scary 😮

  3. :laugh: ants must have had a good time.. i saw somewhere on youtube that you have to break in half and mix with water and keep it….
    hi hi…. 350 rupees for a handful of sugar… :zombiekiller:


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