Lush Tiny Hands Review (Hands Serum)


By Shreya,

Lush Fresh Handmade cosmetics – Lush Tiny Hands Review


My hands have been severely dry and in awful conditions recently and looking  at my problem my sister gave me a Lush  tiny hand serum on my  birthday :). Tiny hand is a solid hand serum which contains the finest natural ingredients to help working hands.

Price Rs 590

Creamy butters, soothing oils and petals to keep your mitts smooth. Tiny Hands is the latest product to get the solid treatment. Helen chose argan oil, aloe vera, cocoa and shea butters to coat and soften hands that have become dry or cracked. The scent is sweet vanilla and mild florals for a comforting scent that will make you feel instantly better. Just smooth the moisturising bar across your hands and palms after a day of working hard.

Listen to this hilarious podcast, in which Simon talks about his small but proportional hands and the inspiration for our new solid hand moisturiser with our other product inventors.


How I use Lush Tiny Hands –

I simply hold the product in both hands so that the butter gets bit dissolved in my hand which doesn’t take much time because of  hot weather nowadays.Initially I found it bit oily but later on I started holding the product for less time to avoid the feeling.It saved a lot of product too.I rubbed my hands afterwards and allowed it to get absorbed and my goodness ! the result was amazing.

After using the product my hands felt well moisturized and my cuticles and nail started look well too.Unlike most hand creams, it is not sticky and improves the condition of the hand.

Lush Tiny Hands Review

It comes with its signature fragrance of  flowery vanilla  fragrance it just smells gorgeous :snicker: With this I keep the product in the fridge because I am afraid it might melt down and of course stays fresh.

Lush Soap


What I liked about Lush Tiny Hands


  • Keeps hands well moisturised and makes them look healthy.
  • Doesn’t give any greasy feeling.
  • Makes nails and cuticles look healthy.
  • Has amazing fragrance


Lush Tiny Hands

What I didn’t like about Lush tiny hands:-


  • It is expensive in India – in UK it is of  $5.95 .
  • Product melts badly and can not be taken along with work


Rating – 4.5/5

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  1. very nice thing shreya………..ya the price is too high for just a hand serum…but its shape is very very cute 🙂 🙂

  2. Awwwwwww…its soooo cute! Now i know wot t add in my next stash 😉 😉 😉

    Nice review u mentioned, its pretty can it b used during the day? or do u recommend i be used at night b4 goin t sleep?

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  8. wow shreya……this seems to be nice product…..shud work for my dry long does this product lasts…..on average….

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